Why Don't My Ezine Articles Rank Well For Long Tails?

by samjaynz 4 replies
In a couple of particular niches that I'm promoting in (video gaming and alternative energy related) the articles that I submit to EzineArticles.com never seem to rank on the first page, even if the number of targeted competing pages (searching long-tail term in "") is extremely low (ie under 1000)

These competing pages are generally lower PR than the EzineArticles website, yet I cannot seem to rank higher than them, even after including my long-tail phrases in the title, article description, a few times in the body text and once in the resource box.

Is this normal, or has Google just got something against New Zealanders (lol!)?
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    I'd think it's pretty normal. Don't forget, your article is going to up against sites that are SEO'd to death, especially in the Gaming niche, so you're going to struggle against them. You need to get your articles pointing at your website, then, if the articles are good enough and people pick them up, you'll get traffic to the site and that's how you make your money...
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    Have you tried promoting your ezine articles?

    Not entirely sure whether the back links from social networks count, but they probably do - or at least, I see no reason why they wouldn't.

    At very least, promoting your ezine articles on social networks would get them more views which would make for more clickthroughs, and more sales at the end of the day.

    Somehow I think it is a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket and only worry about how Google or any other search engine is ranking your articles.


    Editted in PS: There are a lot of excellent posts on article marketing on this forum, if you have time, do a quick search.
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    Social Network backlinks definitely work plus you get traffic to your articles from them. It all adds Google Juice but you should have links in your bio to your landing/sales page. It's all cumulative..
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      What do you consider "long tail" keyword in your niche?

      Maybe give some real-life examples to check out these terms ourselves with our research tools and give our feedback.

      I think that's the smartest thing we could approach this "problem".

      Want the solution? Give us the real problem's facts!
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