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The entire Pelman course was up but I am in the process of redoing it (July 6, 2012) and will update this again when it is redone.

As I re-read the lessons I was surprised at how timely and classic the advice is and the other thing that surprised me is that some of the content directly deals with current problems that IMers face. Quality, content, self-esteem, personality, and value.

I did turn the course into a 30-day workshop via blog for free but that needs to be updated too.

I know the advice is clear enough in the lessons but they have outdated references and the assumption that we've studied Latin and read Shakespeare and that we are not all snarled up in the ethernet.

It's about focus and memory and knowing the essential rules of winning in life and business.

I'll keep you posted.
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    You did a phenomenal amount of work on this GeekGranny! Thanks for posting this in such a readable form. Your editing and formatting is superb!
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    Thank you Val. I was surprised how valid the point made in Pelman still are today. Getting it revamped was a Pelman-inspired action that I thought would get 2010 in focus for me.
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      Thank you very much, GeekGranny. This is perfect for the start of a new year. And I agree with Val, you have done an excellent job.

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    Ahh, I appreciate the praise. I'm blogging the Pelman system now and find that makes me really work with it. The hardest part (for me) is getting the momentum to get out of the chair, away from the computer, and take action!
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      Something about granny's!
      That was the best reading Ive done in a while.
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    Im the first guy to check this out?
    C'mon guys its pretty good stuff.
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    Thanks Granny, This is great!
    I am always on the lookout for good quality personal development stuff and this looks to be just what i needed right now.
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    Gotta love the public domain stuff!!!!

    Many thanks

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    Thanks again! (I thanked your previous message, when you just had the first few chapters up, but that message seems to have disappeared.)

    I hadn't heard of Pelmanism before. I am very impressed by this course! It's superb training for mental focus and perceptiveness.

    I really like the way you formatted the ebooks. They're very easy on the eyes.

    I'd like to see an introductory chapter with something about the history of this course. Who was Pelman? Was this material originally presented in public lectures? Was he famous in his own day? Was it presented as a mail-order course?

    I'd also like to see footnotes for the less well known references and vocabulary.

    If you start a discussion forum for discussion of the Pelman lessons, I'd love to participate.

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    Great ideas -- I will gather up an introduction to the course. It was a mail order course and I love the idea of the discussion forum!

    As I was putting it together (and side note -- I have noticed some typos along the way so hope to get those cleaned up asap) I kept running into the references and so on and wondered about finding more about those books. So your comment about the footnotes just made it to the top of the to do list.

    I am so appreciative of all the kind words said in this've motivated me to keep on keeping on with this project.
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