Guys, Where Do I Sell Domains?

by alxmiller 7 replies
Hi everyone,

I really would like you know your thoughts on the best places to sell domains.

I looked at eBay but 99% of the domain auctions have no bids whatsoever so i'm guessing the exposure is not great for domain selling there...

Thoughts on

Some others?

Thanks a lot,
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    Sitepoint or Sedo would be my recommendation.
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      The best three i know:
      3. sitepoint market place

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    Sitepoint forum is the best place... sedo buyers are cheap..
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      The Sedo buyers are Domainers and Pro Flippers, They will "Low Ball" you there.

      Try posting in some forums as well, and put a notice on your home page.

      Good luck!
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        Thanks for all the help guys - it looks like Sitepoint is the best place to go...

        Sedo seems like a place where i'll get poor value for my domains...anymore thoughts?

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    Along with the other suggestions here, I recommend There is a membership fee, but the offers I get there are usually on a more professional level and few lowballers.
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