Blogging for Traffic -- the BEST Strategy?

by CodrutTurcanu 9 replies
I have a serious question, maybe you could
send in your feedback right away:

If you had to rely on just one "traffic-getting" source of
traffic to your BLOG, what would that be?

I've asked this question on other forums and I find
it amazing to uncover new traffic strategies and techniques...

My response is this -- blog commenting -- I think this is
a long-term strategy and for as long as blogs exit
it will never fail, or disappear.
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    My best traffic source for blogs is the same as for all other types of sites - JVs and referals.

    It's MUCH easier to divert traffic to your site than it is to do all the work yourself to drive it there.

    nothing to see here.

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    blog commenting is being exploited to much is starting to not show in serps

    you should focus on other techniques, instead of just one

    Google is always around the corner making sure gaming them is not working

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      Although I have not written many articles in my day I believe that article marketing is critical to long term success, your articles will always be out there and the more you write the more visitors you could be getting daily.
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    It may not be the best way to get visitors to your blog but you should bookmark all blog entries.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Use tried and true methods such as useful forum posting and article distribution.

      Has worked for a long time and continues to today.

      If you comment on blogs, make your comments USEFUL, and post to high quality blogs only.

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        just using one method isn't going to get the traffic you are looking for. You must use multiple forms. The examples given above are the core of it. Make yourself a traffic calender where you work on certain forms on certain days or weeks then move on. That way you don't get to caught up in one form and miss out on the other valueable methods.
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    article marketing, blog posting, social marketing, blog comments, link exchanges, free viral reports

    These are the best ways to get free steady quality traffic to your blog as long as you do these things on a regular basis.
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      Always remember to Social Bookmark your articles to for better page rank
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        Originally Posted by CDawson View Post

        Always remember to Social Bookmark your articles to for better page rank
        And how would you do it, and did you get any great results with SB?

        Please be as specific as you can -- we could learn from your experience
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