Success Where You Least Expect It

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I wanted to share a small success story that I recently had in hopes that it may serve as inspiration for somebody that may be thinking of giving up.

Back towards the end of May I received a phone call from my pop. He had picked up some software and needed a little help figuring out how to use it. So as any good son would, I went over to get him straightened out with his new wares.

It was a simple application but the manual was very confusing and poorly done overall. I saw some room for improvement. I sourced out my own version of the software with major improvements for a cost of $500. I put together a user's manual with screenshots. I then built the website and started an adwords campaign.

The sales started almost immediately and continued. I knew I had a winner and beefed up my adwords campaign. I sold 90 units in June, 99 units in July, 109 units in August, and I am on target to close out September with 120 units sold.

On the 15th of September I had enough confidence in the product that I started some price testing. I increased the price by 50% and after two weeks with the increased price, sales have not decreased at all.

In the last three months this product has netted me an average income of approximately $1800 a month. The ROI for my adwords has averaged 600%.

But the numbers are not necessarily the reason I made this post. What I really wanted to show is that sometimes a great niche idea can come to you when you least expect it. When this one came to me I wasn't even in the niche searching mode, or was I?

The reality is that I am ALWAYS in the niche search mode. It doesn't matter if I am at a sporting event, in a casual conversation with friends and family, at the movies, or anywhere else. I am always thinking about possible markets.

I have uncovered a lot of successful markets by staying in this mindset. I promise you that you will amaze yourself with some of the stuff you come up with if you are thinking this way. This one absolutely blindsided me. I wouldn't have thought of this market in a hundred years. However because my father called me needing some help, and because of my assertive mindset, it unfolded in my lap.

What do they say about luck?

It's when preparation meets opportunity.... (this is so true)

So clean up your rose colored marketers goggles and wear them everywhere you go, you might be surprised what you'll come up with.

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    you are soooo right.......

    but thanx for reminding me. i lost track of that recently
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