Which is your MOST effective way to test a niche?

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Hi Guys,

I ask this, because I'm always interested to find out about various methods (new or old), that people use to test their prospective niche. I find it interesting that some people will make a rather minimal effort to do this (but in this case, not being such a bad thing, as they want to save time which is reasonable), by simply placing quick reviews up on Squidoo and/or Hubpages, to analyze their traffic and the niche's potential.

However on the other hand, there are people who will spend more time than that, and actually create a website or blog (not a completely full-fledged site per se), but much more than just a Hubpage or Squidoo lens.

These people then throw up a few articles and reviews of their niche-related product/s on their site/blog, and test the niche that way....which obviously is more time consuming.

Maybe both methods have their pros and cons, but still curious nonetheless.

So what do you think has been your most all around effective method to test any niche of which you're seriously considering pursuing further?

I look forward to your thoughts!

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