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by GlenH
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Hi All,

This topic has probably been done to death at various times here.

But I just want the latest opinions on the what members feel the best Membership software is right now.

By 'best' I mean easiest and most powerful to use.

I'm thinking that 'Easy Member Pro' looks pretty good

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    I use WP wishlist and I love it. If you use Wordpress for your site, check into it because it is so powerful and so easy to use.
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    Hi Glen,
    Interesting question. As a software company owner, however, I want to tell you it's tough to have both "Easy to Use" and "Powerful". They're almost contradictory -lol.

    Here are two I hear the most about - AMember and MemberGate. Amember is easy but MemberGate is more powerful. Of course whenever you have more features, there's more to learn - and usually at a higher cost.

    Len Latimer
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    Here's the one that always gets my vote:

    RAP / Member Plus


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    that's a hard question to answer without knowing what exactly you need or want. Are you working with wordpress blogs or websites? Is it just one site or do you have to handle a load balanced site with database servers? Do you need an integrated autoresponder system or an interface into a hosted AR system? Do you want to host the system yourself or use a Software as a Service model? Finally (please forgive me for this question) what is your budget?
    Once you have some sort of specification then you can start the process - either by asking the question here, or RTFW (read the fine websites) of various vendors. Ask for recommendations for the few that you think can help you. Then either buy the solution or if its expensive - let your two or three top vendors duke it out to get your business.
    good luck,
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    lol I just recommended EMP on another thread

    It's just been recently updated and it's very very impressive now. (not an affiliate)

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    Hi Glen,

    If you've not already done so you might want to check out this thread.

    Hope that Helps,
    Have a Great Day!
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      I concur with what has been said. It really depends on what you want to have on the site, what your technical ability is etc.

      If you are looking for something that is web based and is easy to set up and run and takes no installation, look at It's been around since 2004

      Disclosure: I have a financial interest in it.
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        I use aMember Pro for my projects - it's not perfect, but it is very 'pluggable' and easy to get customised.


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    aMember Pro hands down. Has Add-ons that will integrate with a number of different forums, wordpress, and other applications. Also supports the most payment gateways (by far).
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      aMember Pro hands down. Has Add-ons that will integrate with a number of different forums, wordpress, and other applications. Also supports the most payment gateways (by far).
      This is true. aMember Pro is probably the most complete membership script out there, but it does have some learning curve - I had to hire someone to set it all up for me.
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    Joomla - Its opensource [Free] and more powerful than most Paid Membership Websites.
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    I recommend Amember, Has all the Features to run a standard Member Ship Site, and they have a support forum. EasyMemberPro looks promising though I haven't come across anyone using it.

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    I have owned membership sites since I started in the online world of marketing. I have tried everything that came down the pike. I started with Amember. I tried jvmanager memberspeed easymember and a bunch of others. I even used fantaso.

    I have ended up using Amember more than any of them because of stability and ease of use. I do use Delavo but only for the affiliate part of the script. So if it helps I recommend Amember and as a second choice try Delavo.

    My 2 cents
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    My vote goes to Instant Member - Membership Management Software << No affiliation.

    Easy to set-up, very complete tutorials to everything you can do with the script, fast support, and a damn easy script to work with. Oh and very secure too. It hides the urls of everything you setup inside members area, links get cloacked.

    Pretty neat stuff, I love it.
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    It's open source, and it's way, way more powerful than any PHP-based solution, and it's easy as can be to use.

    DotNetNuke - The Leading Open Source Web Content Management Framework for ASP.NET
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    I can't recommend WishList. It was expensive and glitchy. Support would only send links to documents, videos, and screenshots I had already seen and used. After 2 months they finally acknowledged there was a problem on their end and added code - but I was totally disgusted by then - and lost lots of revenue opportunities and another $360 on a tech person who found the same problem that I did. I'd go to where the big guys are supporting - amember. Wish I had.
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    Hi Glen,

    Please take a moment to check out SubHub.

    SubHub is a powerful membership site platform, with clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Your entire site is run from one easy to use control panel, including page management, subscriptions, e-commerce, a forum, advertising and affiliate management. We handle all hosting, updates and platform management.

    Oh, and we offer a free 14 day trial, with all features enabled.

    SubHub costs $97/month, including a large choice of design templates.

    Best wishes

    Mark Ramskill, SubHub
    Create Your Free Website in Minutes. Now With Added Membership Goodness!

    Visit to Get Started
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  • definitely Digital Access Pass by Ravi, he consistantly updates it and it has soo many features, plus he has a 30-day and 45-day trial which is awesome.

    Does wordpress and html by the way.

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    It all boils down to what features you need/want. A good suggestion is to look at sites which are doing something similar to what you have in mind. Then explore to see what they are using. Consider joining the site to experience things from the users perspective as well.

    If you do decide to go top of the line with MemberGate, be sure to check out the Warrior Special offer in my signature below.

    Best wishes,

    Tim Kerber
    * MemberGate membership site software WSO for only $197 / mo* First ever for a limited time only:
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