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Hello Warriors! I just bought an HD Camera to begin recording some video blogs for my upcoming website, and also some videos for my upcoming squeeze pages, however, what is some simple to use Video Editing Software that can be obtained for a fair price (or even free?)

IE. The use would be to be able to record myself talking, and then possibly record some things happening on my screen, and be able to combine these clips into a singular video with the correct audio, text if needed, etc.

Thanks will be given for the help!
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    For video tutorials search for Bill Myers on YouTube.

    The software everyone recommended I purchase was Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 (Platinum) (about $80 bucks)

    To record "screen capture" of your computer you can download a trial free copy of Camtasia Studio Camtasia Studio, TechSmith's Screen Recording Software

    Hope this helps get you started.
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    Adobe premiere pro is a program for editing. It's well worth the investment if you want to produce top notch quality videos.
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    CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software is free. You can show what's happening on the screen and also use the "video annotations" feature to show an image of yourself talking at the same time.
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    This does it all and right now (or at least the last time I looked) it is/was on sale. Even at the Regular price it's great. AVS4YOU Best multimedia software on today's market.

    George Wright
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    Camtasia has a older version that they give out for free. I think it is version 3. You can't do as much, but you can't beat the price.


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    I use camtasia and sony vegas.

    They are both decent prices for what they do and worth the small investment.
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    I second the motion for Camtasia.

    It has great features and excellent online support.
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    Originally Posted by cgcmarketing View Post

    what is some simple to use Video Editing Software that can be obtained for a fair price (or even free
    iMovie is easy to use and free, because it came with your computer. Just look in the Applications folder.

    A step up is Final Cut Express which is a couple hundred bucks but is so powerful you can do just about *anything* you want.

    For screen recording I recommend Screenflow -- I've found it "nicer" then Camtasia and at $99 is the same price.

    Jay Jennings

    PS - The above info assumes you have a Mac. Since you didn't specify, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. =
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    Camtasia and Sony Vegas is a great combination however you can use Jing to record the screen and then just windows media maker to do your editing from your camera and join the two together.

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    Thanks for the tremendous help guys, Thanking everyone now. It seems like Camtasia and Vegas Platinum is the best combo
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