Who Do You Use To Create Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy?

by David Birley 9 replies
Hi there,

I've just been looking online - and it would appear that it's important to have a legal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in place...

Who do you use?

Can you get them Free & just "Change your details"?


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    I'm new and this is my first post. Yes, you can create a generic TOS and PP. Google something like "Creating generic TOS and PP for web site". Making sure your site is compliant with COPA (Child Online Protection Act) is important too.
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      Of course there are places online that offer "free" TOS and Privacy Policies, however, in my opinion, they're worth about what you've paid for them. And I'm not only saying this because this is what I do for a living.

      They don't customize themselves to your business model and practices. They aren't always caught up on the most recent laws and requirements. They just don't protect you as well as you need to be protected in this litigious world (which is the whole point of bothering to have them on your website in the first place).

      I would advise that you spend a little bit of money now and save yourself a lot of money and headache later by hiring an attorney who knows what they're doing.

      Just my $.02...

      If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

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      Any opinions are offered without knowledge of the specific law of your jurisdiction and with only the limited information provided in your post. No advice given here should be reasonably relied upon by you or any third party without consulting an attorney who is aware of all of the facts and law surrounding your situation. Any advice given here is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship in any way.
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        IMO, generic is fine unless you have something like a dating site. No need to dump money into something unless it's absolutely necessary.
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          I agree, generic is good and I use generic for simple sites. Unless you're creating a social site for teens I would use generic. Hiring an attorney will cost you a minimum of $500 to write a TOS and PP for your site. I have a TOS (must agree prior to registering) for my carpooling sites and my attorney did review that; however it did cost me.

          Good luck.
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            Hey all thanks for your replies...

            I googled. And Googled. And Googled some more...

            Apart from find this EXACT SAME THREAD on the front page of most of those googlings, I found this site which has a PP/TOS generator...

            Privacy Policy / Terms Of Service Generator : Kinky Solutions : A Student's Perspective by Ben Nadel

            Just insert your company name and state, and click "Generate". It even gives you the code immediately. And, it's free. yeah!

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              I just copied and pasted the URL from the blog in the above post - and it came up with the actual page header text from the site I mentioned (instead of the URL).

              How cool.

              But, it's got the words "kinky" and "student" in it.



              p.s. the page is worth looking at though...
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                While surfing through my Bookmarks I found this Utilities site - It doesn't have a web address, more just an "IP" address...

                Free Utilities from PriorityDigital.com

                I'm guessing the link will change to say something like: "Free Utlities from PriorityDigital.com"

                The site has (amongst others) a Disclaimer builder, and a Privacy Policy Builder.



                p.s. If ever there was a case to approach a website to help them make it look "prettier" this site would be a good candidate :-)
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    Originally Posted by David Birley View Post

    Hi there,

    I've just been looking online - and it would appear that it's important to have a legal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in place...

    Who do you use?

    Can you get them Free & just "Change your details"?


    Did a Google and found this:

    OECD Privacy Statement Generator

    Hope this helps.
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