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I'm always interested in good new plugins, and I received an e-mail about reviewsPRESS in my inbox a short while ago. I know there are plenty of Warriors interested in plugins of this nature, so here it is:

WordPress Product Review Theme | (not an affiliate link)

Demo: reviewsPRESS Demo (not an affiliate link)

It's tough to beat the $12.95 price tag. I just bought it myself but haven't installed it.

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    Last night, I was looking at four neglected old domains of mine that are miraculously still getting traffic from people who are probably finding that what they lack in content they make up for in decay. I figured that putting up review sites on them would probably make the most sense, taking other factors into account. Your post probably couldn't have come at a better time (has anybody else noticed how often that spookily happens on here?!).

    I'm mad busy at the moment and don't have much time to play... um, work with it right now, but I've just bought it too. Why I can't just treat myself to shoes and chocolate like all my mates do I have no idea

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    Hi Shaun

    reviewsPRESS is actually a theme and integrated with a open source plugin. I released as a wso a couple of weeks ago with a discount, but is now expired until the next theme release!

    But I think you still got a great deal even at the normal price


    Neil Harvey

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