Thumprints w/ Xsite Pro's Own Graphical Templates?

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So I've got my first review site in progress with XsitePro; after a dismal start on a "from scratch" site, running into all kinds of issues like unattractiveness, lack of a suitable graphical header, etc, I decided to use one of the built in graphical templates.

But call me paranoid, but there are probably tons of xsite pro users out there; and those have to be like what, 50 graphical templates total..?...

Does anyone have any evidence of search engine thumbprinting with these templates?

I've customized it somewhat, getting rid of the template's pre-made structure in favor of my own silo style with different product pages on the left nav. Does anyone see any problems here?

I'd hate to put in all of this work just to be delisted or never really be listed well at all because of what the SE's see as a common site template.

Any thoughts,

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