How To Start And Run A Successful Membership Site

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Hi guys,

My next step is to start a membership site. I would like this to commence on 1st February.

What I want to do is take on about 20 people for online Personal Training. It will last 1 month and will not be recurring. At the end of the program it will be open for new recruits to come in.

It will need to be a passworded site. Each member gets a unique password which is de-activated at the end of the month.

There will need to be a platform for communication like a forum for questions and answers from members. I will also be publishing articles.

I need to embed instructional videos in there too.

So basically I need solutions to the technical aspect of getting this set up.

Is there software for this?
How do I accept payment for this? I already use CB for my ebook.
What has worked for you and do you have any other tips?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I'd go with (not an affiliate).

    I'm working with it at the moment and the recent upgrades are excellent. (And the price is right)

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      Originally Posted by Kim Standerline View Post

      I'd go with (not an affiliate).

      I'm working with it at the moment and the recent upgrades are excellent. (And the price is right)

      Anything cheaper...?
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    Looks really good, Kim.

    I don't want the option of signing up at any time though. People need to sign up before the month program starts and I also don't want there to be a refund option.

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    Can you intergrate Aweber with Easymemberpro or any other membership software?

    Also can easymembershippro be intergrated with wordpress easily?
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    I've personally used aMember for this exact setup. What is nice about aMember is that it also has modules for various software plug-ins so you can have it create access to say a private forum. It will also suspend access when the user doesn't pay or membership is over.
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    If you want to go the "real thrifty" route, you can create a Wordpress site with your content, and password-protect your membership content.

    You can manually create logins for everyone, or you can create 1 standard login (not recommended).

    You can do PayPal recurring billing to accept payments, and you can use your Aweber account to send information.

    Just a suggestion... good luck in your search!

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    I also use Wishlist and am a big fan. Pretty high quality, and way easy to integrate with Wordpress.

    But, if you don't need all of the features of a website, the autoresponder gig is pretty solid too (think Russel Brunonson's Micro Continuity stuff).
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    Social Sam is amazing. I do believe his is a relatively new service. I was literally blown away to see that they handle everything, and I mean everything from their platform. You can affordably create your own custom-branded private social network that combines e-Commerce with a social networking and membership website in less than 5 minutes!

    The cost per month is minimal starting at 7.95 a month and is scalable from 10 members to 10 million members..

    You do not have to worry about software to install, no servers to configure. Everything is handled for you. No need to configure, apply or buy a SSL certificate, no HTMIL, they handle backups, RAID, firewalls and virus protection - you just focus on your business.

    Create Membership Packages and set access rights according to your own business rules.
    Use your own merchant account information so you can start collecting money immediately.

    Everything is integrated & built for e-Commerce

    Forums and Discussion Groups (with complete access management control)
    Recurring Billing - Membership fees/dues automatically collected
    Member Profiles, Member Search, Friends and Photos
    Membership Management System
    Shopping Cart, e-Commerce Solution
    Built in 2 Tiered Affiliate Tracking System*. Allows you to pay your members for referring others to your network
    Event Calendar
    Event Registration*
    VAMâ„¢ Technology - Allows members to mine, upload and send network invitations to their e-mail contacts from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and many more
    Classified Ad System
    e-Course Content Distribution System
    Article and Content Management System

    I recommend you check it out. Online Social Marketing Solutions, Networking Membership Software

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    I use aMember for my projects, and there is a clickbank payment plugin you can use with it too.
    It integrates well with wordpress, which you can use for the presentation of topics/media.

    At its most simple, you can use wordpress comments as a kind of forum - otherwise you can integrate something like vBulletin or SMF using a plugin for amember.


    Do. Or Do Not. There is no try...

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  • I use wishlist in conjuction with wordpress. It is easy and very flexible.

    If you are looking for a much cheaper option you can check out Jason Fladlien's product shown in my signature.

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