Do You Manage Your Lists, or Do Your Lists Manage You?

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If the money is in the list, how much time and effort do you devote to your lists?

Do you join a bunch of JV giveaways and blast an offer a day to the opt-ins?

Do you graduate your customers from one list to another as they purchase higher ticket items, or do you leave them on multiple lists and blast them multiple times with the same offers?

Is your ratio of quality content to offers high?

Do you bother reviewing products before sending recommendations to your list?

Take some time this week to review not only your list building strategies, but how you manage and nurture those lists. Take a look at your own inbox and reflect on what you open, what you appreciate receiving, and what causes you to unsubscribe.

You don't need to read another ebook about email marketing. You already have many of the answers in your own head if you would only ask yourself the right questions.

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