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by David Surk 2 replies
Hey all, I hope someone can help me fix 2 problems I'm having with a wordpress theme I'm tweaking.

First I'm trying to add page links to in the footer of the template. I read a couple articles on how to do that, but the problem is the links break through the bottom of the footer and show up in list format vertically. I want them to just run straight along the bottom horizontally.

The second issue I'm having is something I've done before but I don't remember how. I have a page template for a certain type of blog layout that I'd like to use for certain posts. But I can't get it to show up in the page drop down menu. I have other pages like this that came with the template. For example some pages don't have a sidebar or header, ect.

I think I have to let wordpress know about this extra page template, but I'm not sure how.

Any and all help is much appreciated.

Much love,
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