Raise Your Hand If You've Cracked The Migration Code

by GrantFreeman 3 replies
I'm talking about Google's screwed up migration/consolidation system.

Do you have a google adwords account? A google adsense account? A Gmail account?

Have you been able to successfully migrate all these accounts into a single email and password to access them so you can finally get rid of the annoying migration screen which prevents you from accessing your adsense account?

If you have, please raise your hand, and share the secret code with the rest of the class. Thanks.

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    Yes - but it was a real pain. I honestly can't remember how I did it: but I know I exchanged several emails with the email support at Adsense and they were pretty helpful. So drop them an email with your exact issues, would be my plan.
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    That's what I had to do the last time. Support rep had to do this manually.

    Today, I was able to enter the correct email address and password of my main account, but now it's making me enter an entirely new Adsense account! WTF?

    All that money Google makes, you'd think they could have made this easier to figure out.

    I guess you and I are the only ones that have this problem. lol

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    Nope! I still have this problem. Lol the tech support guys are still working on it on my end.

    What a pain in the you know where ...

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