New product. Marketing tips?

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Me and my partners have created a new improved product. We want to bring it to the market and drive customers to it. Due to I'm a technician, im not very good with marketing.
Whats the steps to start marketing this product (both offline and online)?
(the product is a tech gadget- cant reveal much)
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    Can you give more details?

    Would help to know more about the product, what market it is intended to serve, the demographics of that market, the unique selling proposition (how is it different than similar products), price point, potential market size, etc.

    What sort of budget do you have? If little or none, then get some books on guerilla marketing and start there.

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        Hi Allied Group!

        Definitely youtube, website, email marketing, and don't forget social media- facebook, twitter, myspace. And...a good copywriter can make or break you from getting those clicks.
        I'm a professionally trained copywriter myself, so if you want to avoid the hassle of trying to find one, hit me up. I've got a loaded portfolio.
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        Hi Mark,

        How are you? Still snowed in in Cornwall? Most severe winter for 20 years I read. Tell me Mark can you write squeeze page copy? I guess you can as you have written some sales letters for me in the past.king of you guys back home from the UK as I am in my shorts and Tshirt.

        No surfing tomorrow I guess for you Mark? I love Cornwall although I am from London.

        Take care ,

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            Thanks Mark,

            I'm actually in Brazil right now didn't think I was in shorts and T-shirt in London right? Have to travel for a couple of days but will get back in touch when possible.

            Take care Mark, watch those waves.

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