Newbie needs suggetions for building a list

by tonicemarketing 14 replies
Hi fellow marketers,

I was wondering, what is the best way to start building a optin list? I am not necessarily looking to build quickly, so any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Todd Bennett
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    Well, that can depend on your market and, is this a niche, a product your selling that you created, a blog?
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      Hello Todd and welcome to the Warrior forum

      One of the most effective one I have tried is joining Joint Venture Giveaways. You have to invest a few bucks but its certainly worth it. I am participating in one now which has had an opt-in rate of over 60% so far.


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    Fellow newbie here...I think the most commonly used method is to offer a free ebook or report or some promotion like in my case I am launching my website soon with a discounted ebook for the first 100 subscribers. After that, it's back to the original price.
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    I think twitter spamming is a good way to build a fast list. Pm me for more details. I mean twitter marketing guys :-)
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      Originally Posted by farasens1 View Post

      I think twitter spamming is a good way to build a fast list. Pm me for more details. I mean twitter marketing guys :-)
      You say PM you, but it looks like either you've opted to not be PMed or the admins have locked down your account...
      Mastering Email Delivery
      Have (or want) a large list and want to ensure delivery and eliminate spam reports?
      Inbox me
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    What do you mean about joint venture giveaways?
    $2.25 make money online ebook
    • make money with adsense ebook
    • how to change your mindset ebook/1000 hot niches
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    Easiest way is with a 1-2 marketing strategy. Give away a free report with a squeeze page, then advertise it.

    Create a squeeze page that gives away a good solid report that pertains to whatever market your list is targeted..

    Then for traffic to that page, it depends on your resources..

    If you have time and no money, then you have to use the free advertising methods to send traffic to a squeeze page..

    - Write articles with a resource box advertising your site. Submit them to article directories, let others publish them, write for blogs in your market, etc..

    - Optimize your pages for SEO traffic. This takes time but it is free..

    - Use social media web sites like twitter and facebook to build contacts..

    - Joint venture with other people of your level to build each others list.

    If you don't have time, but have money, then use PPC like Google Adwords to build your list. This will be quicker and easier but it will cost ya..

    If you don't have time or money, well, you probably won't get very far.

    The most basic idea of building a list is to give people a reason to subscribe and stay subscribed.

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    Get an ebook that you can give away for free. Just google to find some good free ones. You can also create your own 20 page report. Make sure it is targeted for your niche. Alternatively you can use Ezinearticles and slap together a 5 day course on your niche. Basically you can just use 5 articles for this.

    Now create a squeeze page. Just create a webpage with a strong compelling heading, subheading, picture of your ebook and bullet point benefits of your free ebook with an opt in box for people to sign up.

    Finally just promote your page using free traffic methods.

    Hope this was helpful.
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    Wow! thanks for the quick replies! I have an instructional video that I made that I planned on using as a free promo. But I am kinda stuck thinking of ways to drive traffic to it short of the youtube video I put up. I originally came here to see about ad swaps and the like but am seeing that may be kind of hard being that I have no list lol......but you all have given me some great tips for traffic.

    Todd Bennett
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    Here is a very useful article from Kim, it is full of good stuff about building a list

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    There are a number of strategies. On one side go for quantity, and on the other, quality. Similar to in a offline business your subscribers should be grouped into categories: prospects, customers, power customers etc. (do this by creating more than one list in your autoresponder account)

    If you're looking to build a list of prospects, then giveaways are a good way to do that. if you can drive traffic, then offer the giveaway yourself. But for the most part it's a slow process if you aren't able to drive large amounts of traffic. Instead, registering for giveaway events is a good place to start.

    Spending on your market, you might find some methods are better than others (depends on your niche).

    What's more important though is what you do with the subscriber list AFTER they sign up.
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    I've learned that the best and probably easiest way is to offer something for free on a squeeze page. everyone loves free. it can be an ebook you wrote or allowed to distribute. if you can get a viral ebook with your affiliate links in it as a free report or something that would work best. anyway you drive traffic to your squeeze page with incentive (the free whatever) and 9 times out of 10 people will sign up for the free product. some will unsubscribe but you'll get that anywhere. the better your report or product or whatever it may be the more likely the people opting in will stay on your list.
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    give something away for free in exchange for a sign up...
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