Get Paid for Your Opinion?

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A neighbor asked me if she could have a profitable
home biz taking Surveys. The online ad she read offers
to pay for her opinions and group surveys,etc.

I don't personally know anything about this. Nor do
I know anyone that knows anything about it. Might
be a scam for all I know.

Can anyone with experience enlighten me?

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    Some people make a bit of money from online surveys. There are some scams around so your friend needs to be careful. I think the rule is; don't ever pay to register - they should pay you.

    Someone asked me this question a while ago and I think I found some tutorials on youtube !

    It'll never make her a fortune though - better to consider something IM related IMO.

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    To put it short online surveys are pretty much a waste of time. Your earnings very much depend on what social group you represent, like your age, income, children, work, location etc. I'm afraid there's no point in even trying if you don't live in USA. I guess there might be some groups that can pay a little but which ones ?

    All the promises about making easily $100 a day are surely false.
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    Legitimate Online Survey Companies (That actually pay & are FREE to join):

    20/20 Research
    Global Test Market

    Those are both great resources (from experience) and dish out a ton of paid surveys. 20/20 DOES have 50-100$ online focus group offers that come about twice a month.
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