Making Money Online Is Easy...

by Aaron Moser 10 replies
...once you know how.

Hey Warriors,

To celebrate my 1,000th post here on the Warrior forum I would like a share few helpful tips for those of you who may be struggling to make money online. It's been a bumpy ride for me to get to this point and I have the members of this forum to thank for giving me the information I needed to build my business.

Now It's my turn to give back...

Here are my top tips that have helped me build a successful online business.

Tip 1: Promote or Create Products in High Demand Niches
Before I realized this I was always trying to dig deep and find those little untapped niches where competition was low. I wasted a good couple years doing it this way and my income was never what I expected.

Tip 2: Practice the 80/20 Rule
80% of your profits comes from 20% of your efforts. To grow your business faster you should eliminate the tasks and promotion techniques that aren't bringing in the money. You could increase productivity by focusing on things that are more worth your time.

Tip 3: Build your Business on A Rock Not Sand
Building your business on a solid foundation from the start will save you headache in the future. What I mean is... if your business is dependent only on 1 or 2 advertising methods then it could be here one day and gone the next. Always be sure you build your business like a wheel with spokes and you won't need to worry if one method dries up.

Tip 4: Stop Reading and Start Working
I can't tell you how much time I've wasted reading stuff about IM that I never put to use. If you are reading more than your actually taking action then your just spinning your wheels.

Tip 5: Develop a Plan for Your Venture
No business will go anywhere without a plan. You should at least do your research before spending any money or taking any time building what you "think" might be successful. Make sure the venture is worth pursuing before diving in. I've had dozens of great ideas that I thought were million dollar ideas that turn out to be flops only because I didn't have a clear plan for them.

Tip 6: Believe In Yourself
This might be my best word of advise. What ever you're doing if you don't believe in it and believe in yourself then the project is doomed. You need to have some faith and follow things through to the end! Don't bounce from one opportunity to the next. Pick one business model and make it happen!

Implement these tips and you'll start seeing results faster...

Take care,
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    Full of great points, thanks!
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  • Profile picture of the author shrinagesh
    Hi Aaron,

    This is great post and should be made a sticky.

    Marketing is probably the most difficult thing to do.

    Thx for sharing.
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    BTW, congratulations on your 1000th post. I've got a long way to go
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    Thanks for the tip! Hope u'll post more :-)

    I keep on reading about how we should focus on our niche or business model and not keep jumping.

    Maybe this is all that there really is...thanks again, for the reminder

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  • Profile picture of the author Dave Cornish
    Great points, especially the one about working more than you read.
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  • Profile picture of the author rockgold
    Way to go. 1000 posts! You covered all the bases in your message for marketers online. Only by positioning yourself as a leader will you get any results as I am slowly finding out.
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    • Profile picture of the author Aaron Moser
      Originally Posted by rockgold View Post

      Way to go. 1000 posts! You covered all the bases in your message for marketers online. Only by positioning yourself as a leader will you get any results as I am slowly finding out.
      That's not always true... Depending on what you're trying to accomplish you could stay under the radar and still rake in a fortune online.

      Thanks for the comments!

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    congratz and thank you this is inspirational.

    Live NYC shows on RealityBedroom

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      Wow 1000th post. How long did that take you.

      This is my first btw. Is a comment like this considered a post here? heeeeee!!! Just wondering. Thanks.

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    Great advice, thanks for sharing. It's always good to read success principles from people who have actually walked their talk.
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