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I am working with a client who has a product on clickbank.

He admits the copy and web page he is using to sell his product isn't great, and he'd like to try some other stuff out, and wants my help.

I was wondering if there was anyway I could send people directly to the payment page, with my affiliate link. What I want to do is build my own page selling the product (with my clients permission) and drive traffic to it. I want to send them directly to the payment page, but I want to be credited for the sale, i.e. cutting out my clients salespage.

This will allow me to earn some money from my time investment, and means the client doesn't have to invest in any money employing me to do the task. Is there a way of sending a customer directly to the sales page from my affiliate page, and still get credited with the sale?

I really hope I have made myself clear here. This isn't as eloquent as some of my other posts.

Thanks in advance.
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    Imagine you were doing this as an affiliate for someone you didn't know. You'd set up your own site with the affiliate product on it and drive traffic to that page. Capture the visitors' details and send them to the product using your hoplink from clickbank.

    It shouldn't matter that you know this person. You should still get your commission through your affiliate ID.

    Then you write and submit articles and drive readers to your site. Ezine Articles don't allow affiliate links but I don't know about the other directories, but that's how you get round that problem.

    Best wishes

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      Thanks for those replies, that is genuinely very helpful.

      Mary, the reason I make special mention of the fact that I know this person was just because this is something I have been requested to experiment with and test and its the first time I have done it. Thanks very much for that input though, and I agree with the sentiments.
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        I read this method never used it though ethics.

        Create your sales page and hard code your affiliate link in to the page. Then at the buy button just use the same link as on the buy button on your clients page.

        The theory behind it is when they visit your sales page the cookie is placed so when they click on the buy button you get credit for the sale.

        I have never used this as i don't like the ethics behind it, to me it is kind of like cookie stuffing. But still it is a way of doing it.

        alternately you could re-write your clients sale page and just use that instead.
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          err, there are a whole bunch of issues involved with this really.

          My client's whole approach to marketing and sales pages is not yet refined. They come from an offline background and that has hindered their efforts slightly, so I just wanted to run a quick test to see if I could market the product better. This wouldn't be limited to the sales page, it would be the whole campaign, including different ways of driving traffic etc.
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