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Take a note from the internet marketing 'guru' crowd. Someone within
there group was smart enough to take launches to a new level. Think
about it...

The keyword here is "Synergy"

Synergy: Guru one is all about management, Guru two is
all about traffic, Guru three is all about launches, Guru four is all about
mass control (*wink*)... etc.

Traffic: They have all the major affiliates in the market on their side, plus, the
resources (list, twitter, etc) they have available are HUGE!

Brand: They all produce quality products (that's good), they all have good
relationships (good), but most importantly they're always talking positive about
each other... Building a positive rep/brand for each other.

Infinite Launches: The factors above are great but what amazes me is how someone was
smart enough to take things to a new level and keep launches within AND start
doing them weekly/monthly. The Guru crowd has all the launches mapped out and
it all comes from 'their' inner circle (no outsiders allowed).

Now don't take this out context... I'm not bashing them by no means BUT rather
take what you see and see if you can apply it to your market. The writing's on the
wall... you keep hearing guru after guru saying how much $$$ they're making from
launches (and there's no shortage of launches) so obviously it's a winning formula.


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