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First, I apologize if this has already been addressed.

I'm very new to IM and I'm trying out article marketing. I purchased (1) domain name that I'm using to redirect to my Clickbank hop link for cloaking purposes.

My question is this: If I wanted to promote similar products, could I use subdomains off my original domain name to link to other Clickbank products?

Many thanks in advance for any help
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    Yes, you can do that. If you want to do something easier, just create a separate PHP page that does the redirection for you. Then you can just go to domain.com/product1.php and so on, and your Cpanel will be less cluttered.

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    To do this you will need to use a web hosting account from a provider such as
    hostgator.com and not simply re-direct your domain name itself as doing so
    would only allow you to have one re-direct.

    Once your hosting account is set up with your domain name, you could just create
    a different folders in your main home directory for each affiliate product you are
    promoting so your affiliate links becomes:


    Where product1 and product2 (i.e. the folders) are appropriately named.

    Then in each folder create a file called index.php with the following PHP re-direct code,
    making sure there is NO space or blank line before the start of the php code, otherwise
    your link will generate a PHP error:

    /* Redirect browser */
    header("Location: yourcompleteclickbankhoplinkgoeshere");

    If you don't have a web site or web page on your main domain, you should at lease put an
    empty file called index.html in your main home folder, or perhaps a simple "coming soon"
    page (you could also list your affiliate product links on that page).

    Tracking Your Clickthroughs
    If you would like to track the click throughs you are getting with your cloaked
    affiliate links you can do this by signing up for a free account with statcounter.com.

    StatCounter allows you to set up tracking for multiple products for free. For each product you
    set up in StatCounter you will get a tracking code which you can insert into your cloaked
    re-direct pages.

    An example of a cloaked re-direct cloak file would be as shown below:

    This time place the code in an index.html file.

    <title>Page Title</title>
    <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh"

    <!-- Start of StatCounter Code -->

    Your StatCounter Code goes here

    <!-- End of StatCounter Code -->


    Note the '2' in the following line


    The 2 forces a 2 second delay before the redirect which should give StatCounter
    enough time to register the page hit. (A 1 second delay may also work for you but
    you would need to test it, but you potentially run the danger of missing some clicks
    under heavy StatCounter traffic conditions).

    As you're new to IM, if you haven't already purchased the domain name of your own
    name i.e. yourname.com, I would recommend you do this as soon as possible and install
    a WordPress Blog on your domain name (see my signature below). Your Hostgator account
    will allow you to install a blog automatically with just a few clicks.

    You could then set up appropriately named sub folders on your main blog (reflecting
    the name of each product) and use this for your affiliate re-direct. This also has
    the advantage of helping the traffic ranking of your main domain name since you will
    be driving traffic through your site.

    (Edited to update redirect code when using tracking code such as that from StatCounter).
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