How to setup a themed site with subdomains?

by mbomb
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I've been setting up niche sites on separate subdomains, and soon I'd like to try setting up larger "themed" sites with related subdomains. I'm just unsure as to how these sites would be setup.

Do I still choose a top-level domain in a niche and then make the subdomains all the long-tail keywords for that niche? Or do I just choose a more specific main domain, but make the subdomains all related and not necessarily incorporating the root keyword of the main domain?

Does that make any sense. How do you go about doing the keyword research for one of these sites? Can you give examples to make things more clear? Thanks.

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    Anyone doing this?
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      Could you give me an example of how you would structure your site using the keyword, "debt consolidation"? Thanks.

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    As I see it, you'd have 'Debt Consolidation' as top level, then subs from that and if necessary subs from your subs and you set your linking up accordingly, a la Google Snatch...
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      Ok, but what words would you use for the subs? Would these be the long-tail versions incorporating my main keyword "debt consolidation"(e.g. debt consolidation loans, debt consolidation counselling, etc.)?

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