How to start Internet Marketing?

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Hi guys..sorry if im posting this question..But im realli just clueless on how do i actually kick start this IM journey.

There has been tons and tons of threads on how to earn money and stuff but i believe there are many warriors out there who are still , like me, clueless on how to start.

There's too many information and i just dont know which one to follow.



help me..
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    Pick a business model and focus on it until it works. There are a lot of models to choose from so pick one that plays to your strengths.
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      learn the varying models.
      chose one.
      learn it, do it. make at least $1.
      figure out what you can outsource.
      set up systems to outsource.
      outsource the majority while you move to working on the business.
      Do this again in another niche.
      Father, Entrepreneur, Author, Adranalist
      I teach entrepreneurs to build a sustainable Internet Marketing Agency with real value. I have many free resources and paid training programs available

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    The best way to get started is, just to get started. Find something that interested you, the focus all of your time on learning. Many people start with Clickbank and article marketing. However, the journey is yours, so you get to pick were you want to start. Just find something that you like, and then pick a method of marketing.

    You will only learn, when you have experience. The first one attempt will not make you a full time income, but it will get you started.
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      Hi Swift Alliance,

      If you do a search you'll see virtually the same post/question from me only a few weeks ago. So don't worry you are not alone.

      The good thing is you're in exactly the right place to learn. A couple of bits of advice that I acted on were joining the War Room which is a sound investment and adding a photo of myself which I kinda did.

      I think IM is a bit like swimming in the sea. You can walk along the shore dipping your toe in but at the end of the day if you're actually going to do it you need to wade in.

      In an area where there are so many options it makes sense to pick one thing/method and stick with it. At least until you can form a solid opinion on whether it is for you of not.

      So what to pick?

      What skills to you have? Have you ever put up a website or written a blog? How much money do you have to invest? Because some options will require more than others.

      A good starting point may be to ask yourself some questions about what you want to achieve.

      There is a Social Group for Warrior Newbies. You may want to join.

      Hope this helps,

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    This is what I would do if I was first starting out. First learn how to design websites. I know that the local community college down the street has a class on how to use Dreamweaver. Building websites is your foundation. Next learn how to market and advertise online. Get really good at SEO, and then tackle another aspect. A lot of times you will see that the pieces just start to fall into place.

    Once you learn these two aspects, you can pretty much make money with anything.

    Couple other good pieces of advice.

    - Stop buying Ebooks!! Most of the information can be found for free on this forum, and other IM forums. Just keep reading, and use the search function.
    - Get Creative. Sometimes the best money makers are the ones that are just a spin on something someone else is doing.
    - Test, test, test. You will not make money every time.
    - Do not give up. It took me 10 years to make a full time living online, and now I make silly money.
    - Kind of the same as #1, but forums are the biggest goldmines online. Read read and read some more.

    Best of luck. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on Yahoo
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    Hello Swift Alliance,

    First Join the War Room

    Spend time reading threads here and find some IM process that suits you.

    Spend 80% of your educating your self ... and 20% starting your IM business.

    Look as the WSO area and buy from only very established warriors only.

    Let us know how you are progressing

    All the Best
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    This is available for individuals with more than 10-K of debt and only by phone to start your debt analysis ... PM Me Your Phone Number and best times to call.
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    I'm going to say something here that's easier said than done since its been hard for me to do as well... FOCUS.
    Like the members above said, pick something to your liking, select a marketing means such as a word press blog, article writing etc and the learning process has begun.
    There is so much to digest here in the WF but after some time it will start to gel. You picked a great place to learn from these experts and they will provide you with lots of free stuff that will help you along the way to learn from.

    To your future success!
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    I didn't get started until I got started putting things into action. Just choose which business model that you can work with and develop a strategy to make it grow. But be ready to make adjustments and subtle surprises. That way, you're prepared both ways. Also expect some loses in the beginning, but keep going until something happens.
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  • Marketing starts with the Customer. Until you figure that it's them and not you... you are fighting a futile battle. Most people don't make money because they don't understand it's not about the mechanics of site building and link dumping.

    If you are selling Ice Cream you want to find a market of hungry ice cream eaters. No point in opening a store until you know you have a market.
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      Thirty Day Challenge

      Its free and instead of overwhelming yourself by reading through this entire forum, it teaches you and gives you action steps to take each day.

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    wow!....thanks guys for the quick replies...

    Definitely i will stick to this forum.

    I am still unsure of which business model to pick. I am planning to explore this forum intensively for the next few days.

    How did you guys choose your business model?

    Anyway, is it really advisable for me to join The War Room?
    I'm not making any money yet.
    [GOLD] I'm Tired of replying too many PMs. I'll share it here. Go.Take it.
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      Don't just 'stick with this forum' (or any other forum).

      I would suggest you buy a IM guide such as "The Rich Jerk" and put your heart into doing everything that's taught in there.

      I suggested that because one needs a 'bible' to start with. Of course you can still prefer and chose another 'spititual manual'. The point is to start on the proper path to build your own solid foundation. If you have time off, and enough ooomph! passion, you may of course buy a few more or more than a few manuals just for variety's sake. That's perfectly okay. Behind each such manual is a living (not just physically) person.
      Without my favourite and only sig , my youth may just wither away unnoticed! And it makes me very sad.
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    There is no RIGHT time to start your online business.
    I try to dig into my head to see what I can think off, at least the FREE tools, for you to start making money online:

    1. Website Design- or
    If you have money, of course you can get a good designer to design a good website for you. But do you know that is a FREE software where you can download and configure it yourself and publish on your hosting. The beauty about Wordpress is that there are tons of free template where you can download and a lot of times they look much better than the design of your paid designer. WordPress is famous for its blog creation, some people even use WordPress as their e-commerce site.
    If you really want to be hands-on and start designing your simple website, then you can try out This is comparable to Dreamweaver and also Frontpage.

    2. CamStudio for Video Screen Capture Marketing -
    If you want to capture your screen and post a video online, you can try out In normal circumstance, if you want to purchase a more complete Camtasia Studio, it will cost you easily USD299. So why spend that sort of money if you have not even started making money online?
    If you need some free audio recording software to pair your version of CamStudio, you can get one at and you can create very professional videos to help you generate traffic or to sell your product.

    3. Graphic Creation -
    Not every computer comes with PhotoShop software. Soometimes you have to pay more for it to come in a bundle with other computer software. I must admit PhotoShop is not so user friendly especially if you are a newbie. No doubt about that it is a very powerful graphic software.
    But or called GNU Image Manipulation Program is a FREE program which is very easy to use, and it allows you to do photo retouching, image composition, create call to action buttons, minisite graphics, ads and more.

    4. Payment Gateway-
    There are many payment gateways available online. But a lot of them charge you money for signing up or even before you start accepting any payment. PayPal is not only the most popular payment gateway, it is also free to set up. You will only be charged certain fee when payment is made into your account.
    There is no such thing as FREE and Unlimited hosting for your own domain name. But does provide a 30 days FREE hosting before you have to pay. Of course you can pull out if you think you are not happy with their service. And another beauty of is that it also provides you a lot of ready made websites for you to start your own business! So it is hassle free for those who really do not know and have no time to create a website. And hopefully before 30 days your business already bringing in some money to you.
    You do not have to worry how to upload your website or file to the internet. There are always free FTP (file transfer protocol) provided by the hosting company.
    I really hope this 5 FREE and simple tools will help to kick start you online business and bring you a lot of MONEY in year 2010. Feel free to buzz me if you need help in your internet business venture.
    Addy Kho | Create your badge

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    Honestly you are probably asking the biggest question out there. SO many people are wondering how to, can i, is it real? all of those types of questions. they are definitely the right questions to ask though and I would have to say for a good start you should find something you are interested in or have ease talking about.
    Find a decent product via any of the many affiliate programs, and start writing articles, making blogs etc etc.
    You must do some research on the product itself, the need for the product and check out some keywords.
    You don't want to touch down on keywords that have alot of competition as a beginner. It is quite possible to rank and do well but we're talking starting out so stick with the easy stuff...for instance "how to train your dog" would be VERY competitive but "how to train your dog to stop braking" could be much less competitive. Do your research and it shouldn't be too hard to find what you want/need.
    The longer you go and the more you learn ESPECIALLY on here, the warriors here are amazingly helpful, you can tackle more things.
    One last point, if you haven't ventured into adsense yet it's a great thing to motivate you because wen you set up a few small things you will see some results. Yes it may be cents on the dollar but any motivation is good motivation.
    Hope this helps
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      A few others have touched on this, but the biggest step to starting is....

      DO IT. NOW.

      Whatever you decide to do...article marketing, product creation, website're going to think your "product" sucks.

      If you wait until you're happy with it, you'll still be asking this question in two years.

      I finally stopped lurking around here about a week ago (I've been lurking for almost a year), signed up, joined the War Room and this week:

      • I've created a free report for traffic building purposes
      • Created a service-oriented business model
      • Created a PLR content pack
      • Setup a website
      • Posted a WSO that went live first effort in the IM world
      And now, of course, I'm rich. :rolleyes:

      Of course I'm not. And that's one thing to remember...anyone that tells you that you can make big bucks now, now NOW with little or no full of it.


      But I have made some sales, and have a potential JV in the works...12 hours after it went live.

      My "still a newbie but getting there opinion? You won't learn anything until you dive in and give it a try. I've got more gigabytes of ebooks than I ever thought possible...and I didn't know squat until today.

      To do all of the above? I used ONE thing I learned from ONE report I read, and just ran with it. That's the key...pick something and give it a try! If you fall off and skin your knee, slap on a bandage and get back on!

      PS: Can you write? Can you design? Can you do graphics? If so, head to the Warriors For Hire forum and post a thread offering your services. (Do a little research first to see what your skill is going for). This is a great way to build some starter cash.
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      I made a website for my offline business, spend lot of time getting content ready and so on but the offline business never happened so I got left with that website I had worked for so hard and without the business it was useless, ( or so I thought ) I left the site just to sit there for a while when one day I just accidentally happened to read internet marketers forum about how to make money with website. So Then I realised that website itself can be a business and there is lot of other ways to make money with website without having a physical business attached to it. That is how I got started.
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        Welcome aboard the Online Army of Warriors !

        Without my favourite and only sig , my youth may just wither away unnoticed! And it makes me very sad.
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    Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker have a good video series that is very newbie friendly. They were charging for it, but now they're giving it away for free. Just go to and sign up.
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    I'd Second the Thirty Day Challenge.

    For me, it was finally a total overview of what it takes to get started, from not having a clue to making your first dollar online all in 30 days.

    It's free and a lot of great information.
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      1. Use social media. I have over 75,000 followers and 10 accounts on twitter and it has trippled my sales. ( use and other softwares
      2. Be anywhere and everywhere dominate your market. Ebay, amazon, etsy, business, etc.
      3. Quitters never win , winners never quit. took me 2 years on one site and it now makes 10 a month.
      I can show you a ton of stuff.
      just some I would rather not post on here. email me at and I will give you a list.
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      Originally Posted by adwordsback View Post of tips but no real strategy
      What would you like to do?
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    Information overload on internet and on WF is common issue. I think most of newbies on WF should try this before asking same questions:

    - Search feature of forum
    - "All in One threads" sticky thread
    - Download, Read and implement stuff mentioned in Free WSO's

    Once you get enough knowledge of what to do and what not to, then proceed with these :

    - Build a blog
    - Build your fans on twitters
    - Build your list

    Other than that lurk around the forums, read and try to implement the tricks/tips mentioned in this forum and and ask questions based on what you did so far. Good luck with your journey.
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      I see more information overload in this thread, lol.

      Okay, how about you start off with bum marketing? That is writing articles that direct readers to a product, ebook, or service - which they hopefully will buy and you make commission off of. It doesn't require your own product or your own website. Apply to some easy affiliate programs like Clickbank or Commission Junction - these are where you would find the products or services to write about (and get links).

      There is a TON of free info out there on it. You can more than get by using the free Google keyword tool and it will start to get you familiar with the world of SEO.

      Just pick one or two things to write about - don't make yourself crazy with what to pick - just start. You can drive yourself crazy later :-).

      "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it! " - Jonathan Winters
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        Originally Posted by Cackle View Post

        I see more information overload in this thread, lol.
        lol....ok..guess i have to start somewhere..

        I am not good at writing reviews or article..
        Do you think i shud try amazon? market their products for a start?
        Or clickbank?

        I heard bout using hubpages. Shud i use that to start marketing?

        ................lost lost.....
        [GOLD] I'm Tired of replying too many PMs. I'll share it here. Go.Take it.
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    Pick a niche you would like to get into such as cars, finance, home business, etc. Then decide on if you want to create or promote products, become an affiliate, build a list of email subscribers, etc. You can use free blogs to promote products or start your own hosting and domains.
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    I have to back up the 30 Day Challenge.

    It's presented in a very linear way, with spoon feeding you the information in small sizes.

    You'll find that it covers alot of the different areas of the IM world, and yet it's all very clear, and actually makes you DO IT!

    Another site I came across recently is Super Simple Blogging which I had actually found through the warrior forum. I'm just starting through it right now, and so far it's excellent!

    Best of all is they're both FREE!

    Keep reading the forums daily, and sign up to the war room. At first it will all be overwhelming, but the best way to get good, is to surround yourself completely with the information and the people of IM.

    The main thing is stick to following the two programs until the end, while still reading and learning more. Don't jump around from one model to another, up until you give each one a true try. Keep a notebook of ideas you want to try in the future...

    You can do it! Just get started!
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    Look for niche that you think will convert if you don't now then don't worry end of the day it's a risk that everyone has taken in order to move forward. You then should create a product, build a list and promote the product. Remember don't think too much about the product just do it and see where that takes you.
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  • Yeah, most products and courses out there are based on various business models. These are models tested by there creator and have been proven to work. Most of them. There are some out there that are "scams" or things that you do not want to involve yourself with and I would suggest steering away from those.
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    Hi, i know how you feel, when I started I was very much over whelmed just like you, what I recommend that is the most easiest and profitable marketing method is Mass PPV Traffic, this is known as pay per view, short term ppv, you only pay when visitors sees your pop up and pop under for what ever niche you want to get into, all the training and requirements is in the course, I highly recommend checking it out, im sure this will benefit you alot, you will have to pay and the price is low for what Bobby, Adeel and Kris is showing but it is all worth it.
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      Since you have read about the many ways and methods of making money via Internet marketing, I would suggest picking a method or strategy that "clicks" with you... one that aligns with skills, interests and talent that you have.

      After which, you focus on that one method till you achieve some degree of success with it.

      Usually that is when many other opportunities will open up to you, and you go on from there according to your inclinations.
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        Originally Posted by swiftalliance View Post

        Hi guys..sorry if im posting this question..But im realli just clueless on how do i actually kick start this IM journey.

        There has been tons and tons of threads on how to earn money and stuff but i believe there are many warriors out there who are still , like me, clueless on how to start.

        There's too many information and i just dont know which one to follow.



        help me..
        To start any kind of marketing - you need to FIRST have something to market.

        Forget everything else.

        What would you like to market or sell? Answer that question first and your field of what you need to learn will narrow greatly.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        What is the 30 day challenge?

        I have a course by Stephany Mulac that teaches to make an income in 30 days, but I don't know if I am allowed to pass it on or the link since another IMer sent it to me.

        Is there a link to the 30 day challenge?

        Thank you

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    First find a topic you want to write about.

    Second start a blog and learn how to use the software.

    Use Google as your Help Desk, to learn how to do stuff.

    Thomas W. Shay
    Get Free Software to Save all your IM Marketing
    Information, passwords, usernames, login urls,
    hosting info, affiliate info and much much more.

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    Is there a coaching program that helps new people about the simplest form of questions and give guidance on the best direction one can take?

    Does a program ever exist... any idea about the cost?
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    Hi there. In my view you either need to create and sell your own product, or sell someone else's product (affiliate marketing). In an extremely brief sentence! - Affiliate marketing if you do it right, means setting up a website reviewing or writing articles about a topic and popping in your relevant affiliate links. Then you use free traffic methods to get people to your site or use paid advertising. Creating your own product means you can also get other people to sell it for you.

    C Elias

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    I really enjoy Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker's video tutorial which walks you step by step to creating a PLR product. They were charging for it before, but now they're giving it away for free. I found it to be very helpful. You can find it at My Online Coaching. I think you will find it very helpful as well...

    Best of luck to you!
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    Best way I ever learnt was to just go and do things without thinking about it, that way you will never waste time in wanting to get it all done perfect. Think about a product that you interested in. Then start with Clickbank and focus on a technique to market it.

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      Originally Posted by Mili_D View Post

      Best way I ever learnt was to just go and do things without thinking about it, that way you will never waste time in wanting to get it all done perfect. Think about a product that you interested in. Then start with Clickbank and focus on a technique to market it.

      Seems like a lot of people complain about Clickbank, but I really like them and think they are great for beginners. I tell you what is frustrating, and that is trying to get approved by companies in Commission Junction. I still use CJ, but my favorite is Clickbank.
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        Just start. Find a plan that suits your the way you learn

        My wife got laid off. I got here started with a mentor first.

        Kind of like learning to drive. Everybody can tell you how
        to do it, but when you find a plan or mentor that you
        relate to, how to do the steps or relate to how they
        teach, it is hard.

        I new my wife didn't want to read 10 different guides on
        how to start. It would only have confused her.

        I recommended a lady I new and let her start learning
        the one way she taught to get going.

        Sorry, it seems I rambling.

        Find a way that appeals to you. Study it and put in massive
        action. I'm talking hours a day. Just like a college class.

        But only one way at a time. learn it before moving on to
        another way.
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    Jump into it...

    Start Flipping Sites..


    Originally Posted by swiftalliance View Post

    Hi guys..sorry if im posting this question..But im realli just clueless on how do i actually kick start this IM journey.

    There has been tons and tons of threads on how to earn money and stuff but i believe there are many warriors out there who are still , like me, clueless on how to start.

    There's too many information and i just dont know which one to follow.



    help me..
    - Don't Wanna miss that Early Bird Special Again?
    Sign Up HERE:

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    WF has a ton of great stuff on it. Find something that really catches your eye and then run with it. It's all about acting. To many people just read and don't do anything with it.
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    Originally Posted by swiftalliance View Post

    Hi guys..sorry if im posting this question..But im realli just clueless on how do i actually kick start this IM journey.

    There has been tons and tons of threads on how to earn money and stuff but i believe there are many warriors out there who are still , like me, clueless on how to start.

    There's too many information and i just dont know which one to follow.



    help me..
    You have two choices right now ... both are in your control. Now one else can do it for you or make you do it. Here are you two choices ...

    1.Keep looking for the best way to get things kick started.

    2.Take action.

    I was clueless till taking action. When I made a few mistakes I soon discovered what questions were important. If you don' make mistakes and ask questions you will be still asking the same question in the future ... How to start Internet Marketing?

    Depending on which path you take will determine what you will be doing a year from now.

    Most people fail to take action due to the fear of failure.

    I took one path of least resistance and used the excuse for a while to take no action... there is too much information to follow ... it worked for a while.

    Most entrepreneurs will tell you they have failed so many times they have likely lost track.

    If you want to live in your comfort zone pick option one.

    The best question you could ask yourself to get jump started is ... Where do I want to be a year from now? That may create a little motivation and action ...
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    Do some preliminary research to get an idea on the different paths of internet marketing. Then just get cracking at searching this forum or buying a WSO on that path. There are so many great WSOs or you can mine these threads...ton of great information

    Most importantly take action...dont become an expert first, just jump in!
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    One other quick - free! - note...go pick up Paul's book:

    It'll fill in some of the blanks.
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    The Best way
    Join Clickbank, find out some good e-books with good commission, Write a blog regarding that with the links and then market that.

    Best of luck
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    I'm not gunna lie... It can be SO daunting getting into IM. Seriously, there's so much stuff out there.

    So, first you have to find a business model you like. Set up a squeeze page, put an opt in form on it to capture names and emails, and send traffic to that page. Build a list and convert them into buyers of a product you're promoting (via Clickbank or where ever. Clickbank is easiest though.).

    Then, find your medium. If you're social and outgoing, try out video. If you're awesome with words, try articles. Same for podcasts.

    Find what works, then direct all your attention to doing more of that one thing. Drop the others, and put your all into that one thing.

    ...That's a whole model entirely.

    When you think you have to learn everything, it's really hard to 'jump in', since 'everything' is a huge pool. Pick one thing and test it out. Really apply yourself, too. Don't half-A it.

    Hope that helps,
    [WSO] Fitness/Weight Loss PLR Package like you've never seen before (and outlandish reviews!) - check it out here
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    yeah I agree just grab a business and stick with it. You can choose adsense, affiliate marketing, CPA, blogging etc etc. But pick a niche, a business model then work for it.
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    Congratulations swiftalliance. You are in right place, The Warrior Forum. WarriorForum is a great place to learn IM. Browse around there is tones of useful information in this forum. This is where I came to know about WP, Pligg, and many other CMS. This is the place where I learned to chose right domain names etc., Check out WSO, some of them are free with amazing information.

    Thank you Warriors.
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  • Profile picture of the author khirad
    The best Way is to start with Affiliate Marketing or U can join any CPA network
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    • Profile picture of the author Nick Lotter
      Hi SwiftAlliance,

      I know how feel! Been there, worn the shirt. I know what its like - you download tons of stuff, and move around from one shiny new thing to another.

      In my experience, the easiest place to start is affiliate marketing. There are plenty of business models to choose from, but you have to stick to one to get started and I just found affiliate marketing to be a good place to start.

      Once you decide which business model you will start with, forget the others and focus on that one.

      The Warrior Forum is a great place to ask questions - try to be specific so you can get specific answers.

      Keep a journal or notepad and as you learn more about the business model of your choice, compile a list of the important things and start making a step by step to-do list for yourself. This can always be adjusted as you go along and learn new things.

      Take Action!

      You will inevitably get stuck but you can always come back here and find plenty of people willing to help you.

      You cant learn unless you make mistakes, and you won't make money until you try. So don't wait until you think you know everything - you never will. Just get started and you will learn as you go.

      I was in your shoes not that long ago, so feel free to pm me if you wish.
      "Do not wait to strike until the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."
      William Butler Yeats
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  • Profile picture of the author iVentureBiz
    I say the best place to start is to learn what's out there first... Then follow what you're passionate about. There are lots of various guides available that can show you how to make money online.

    Actually, it's kinda funny you mention this - I see this question ALL the time, and that's actually why I created a product specifically to address this problem where people don't know where to start... (see more info in my sig)

    There are tons of different ways to get involved in making money in the online world and it doesn't always mean you have to market or sell anything. This is usually where a lot of people get stuck, they see that IM seems to be the way to go but there is just so much info out there they don't know where to start...

    So many people first try affiliate marketing... And promptly get discourage when they finally manage to drive traffic to their site but don't make any sales.

    I recommend trying something like VMC Networks, CPA's or using content sites to start making some money first - it's a lot easier.

    Hope this helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author b.super13
    I hope this helps. Here are a few business models you could follow. Just choose one and learn everything you can about it and start doing the work. There are several products available regarding each model, again, I would just focus on one (my opinion).

    1. Pay Per Click - PPC and Email Marketing are both extremely profitable but since it takes money to make money and there is no guarantee of profiting, MANY people give up right away!
    There are several super affiliates out there who make thousands and thousands of dollars each and every day! This is something I've toyed with over the years and I'm just now starting to get serious with. There is a fairly large learning curve and if you're struggling to feed your family I don't recommend getting into PPC.

    2. Email Marketing - This is one of the most profitable models around. If you can build a list of customers who want to receive emails from you then you can make alot of money.

    3. Membership Sites - The profit potential with membership sites is absolutely obvious. Instead of a single, one-time payment, people send you money over and over again.
    This could be a forum, website, or email newsletter where members pay monthly

    4. Product Creation and Marketing - When you have your own products that are unique you can make alot of money. The key here is to find out the problems people have first and then build a product that answers those questions.

    5. Niche Marketing -
    You're basically filling gaps in the Internet information world. There are millions of tiny, long-tail sub-niches that have little to no relevant pages in the search engines... you simply find them and fill them with your articles and pages. The smart ones will only target high-paying niches. I'm talking niches that pay over $1 for each and every Adsense click!
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  • Profile picture of the author swiftalliance
    Thanks guys for the help. Its been so long.


    - created multiple niche blogs with most of the blogs having first page ranking in Google.
    - income solely from adsense.

    Not done:

    - mailing list. ( seriously im losing out so much without list)
    - no opt in form on any of my blogs.

    Been lurking around this forum and im very much aware that i have been overloaded with information.

    So what should i do for the year 2012?

    I know how to:

    - use
    - use market samurai free version
    - use blogspot to get first page rankings for long tail keywords.
    - do basic backlinking

    I have :

    - market samurai free version
    - traffic travis
    - tons of ebooks
    - been following
    - multiple micro niche blogs

    I am not good at:

    - writing articles

    But i just dunno where to focus on..

    What should i do?
    What should i work on?
    [GOLD] I'm Tired of replying too many PMs. I'll share it here. Go.Take it.
    FREE Funnel System
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    The first step should be to learn about it.
    Read this forum, google for internet marketing, browse,...
    When you will know what is possible you will be able to decide what to try.

    Just don't give up. Patience is essential and remember: learning is a never-ending process.
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  • Profile picture of the author Wiz Khalifa
    A lot of hard work and sticking to that one thing.
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  • Profile picture of the author Anen
    So many good advices here in this thread. I can't make up my mind on which is the best for the start.
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  • Profile picture of the author rivie0020
    There was an ebook someone recommended. 'Joos' something. Does anyone knoe of it
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  • Profile picture of the author emmanuel7
    We all appreciate your candor and your desire to learn. It all depends where you are at as far knowledge, info, technical, understanding of the industry. If you just came on board of this market have no experience I would strongly recommend to subscribe to all the FREE webinars out there without buying anything for a while. Until you understand what you want to do, what you are buying and in what you are putting your feet into! Otherwise the road to a satisfactory success is going to be longer and much, much more expensive...I know!
    Hope that helps! Good courage.
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  • Profile picture of the author jpsilver
    There are basics that have to be learned, applied and followed if you want to build an internet business that makes money. Once you have negotiated the basics you can apply these same principals to build as large a business as you desire. These basics are the foundation of Internet Marketing:

    Create a plan with the main business goals you want to achieve.
    Choose a business model to help you start a viable internet business (see below).
    Set aside some money that you can invest in your business.
    Learn how to create a website (html or Wordpress).
    Learn how to drive traffic (organic or paid)
    Learn how to write copy.
    Never spend more time learning than taking action (spend at least 1 hour of action for every 1 hour of learning).

    The business models are:
    1. Affiliate marketing
    2. Product creation
    3. Providing services (SEO, backlinking etc)
    4. Brokering
    5. Advertising (Adsense, CPA etc)

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