How I'm Going To Enter and Dominate the STSE2 Affiliate Program

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Hi all, I've been working with Michael Mayo over on his Warrior Dojo coaching site. I decided to post one of the questions I asked him here as well, to see what you all think.

Background: I'm interested in learning effective ways to sell individual products with affiliate marketing. The product I'm doing a "case study" of here is Stomping The Search Engines 2.0

SE Data: Google yields the following results for the search term: Stomping The Search Engines 2

Without Quotes: 97,200 results
WITH quotes: 29,300 results
Google PR for the first page results without quotes: 4, 4, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, NA, 2, 1

There are also two paid sponsor ads. I want to know what these sites are doing to convert people, and make it worth their while to spend on PPC advertising.

The first site, StomperNet 2 Bonuses!, offers potential buyers the following if they buy STSE2 from them:
  • Admission to a "top secret" live event, and downloadable videos of said event
  • Real life case studies of stompernet success
  • 4 weeks of access inside his private mastermind group
  • Two unadvertised "secret bonuses"
  • Two videos about leveraging google to your advantage
The site also has a video at the top where Howie (owner of the site) talks about what he's offering and why buying STSE2 from him is such a good deal. He estimates the value of all these freebies to be $5000

The second google adwords link is to Jason DeVelvis's site. He makes the following offer if you buy STSE2 from him:
  • His DVD training course "7 minute Setup" which teaches you how to set up a website in 7 minutes
  • Free access to his technology coaching program to the first 10 people
He estimates that the value of these things is $2084. He also has an outline of the different sections of STSE2 at the top, and he makes it a point to tell you that you can get your copy of STSE2 Free (it's free form the STSE2 website, you just pay for shipping). He also has 29 comments from people thanking him and saying what a great offer he's given.

OK, now, how would you attack this niche? Obviously these two guys have taken the time to offer something of value if you buy from them, but they aren't unbeatable.

Here's one idea I thought of for entering the market:

Create a single-page website thats set up like a sales page.

At the top have a 15-30 minute video of me talking about Stomping The Search Engines 2, and what else I'm offering if you buy it from me. This will include:
  • A free video report about how to set up a wordpress blog and do on-site SEO it, or how to get a free website template and do on-site SEO.
  • A free guide "how to use Stomping The Search Engines 2.0"
  • A package of 5 wordpress blog themes and 5 website templates
Do on page SEO, do some social networking and social bookmarking, help others out on SEO related forums and include a link to my page in my signature. Write an ezine article about "How To Select The Best SEO Program For You"

That's just one idea.

So how about it, warriors, how would YOU enter and dominate this market?
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    If the Howie mentioned is Howie Schwartz, you should know that he is a StomperNet Faculty member AND provided bonus videos in the Stomper's Dozen on launch.

    I strongly recommend that you watch those videos so you know the kind of marketer you are up against. Howie doesn't take any prisoners! If he wants to 'own' a niche, you have your work cut out.

    I was blown away when he mentioned building 2,000 backlinks PER KEYWORD.

    I'm not saying you can't compete, just that you should research a bit more.

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      Yes it is Howie Schwartz' site.

      Oh I really don't plan on outselling stompernet faculty members, but they still have an affiliate program. They want to leverage others IM efforts as much as they can.

      I'd also like to mention that this is really just a for-instance. I may or may not enter this market and do this. I just wanted to know what other warriors thought about this, and if any would be interested in critiquing my research and plan of action.
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      So how about it, warriors, how would YOU enter and dominate this market?
      First thing I would do is make sure it's even worth entering and dominating. Is anyone even searching for this keyword now that the initial launch is over? Not saying they are or aren't, I'm saying find out. It would suck to do all that work for nothing.
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