IS anyone using a hosted Autoresponder?

by BradB
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I'm not asking about AWeber, or iContact or GetResponse or any other monthly deal.....

The question is;.......Has anyone here been using a hosted AR long enough to be able to comment on it's worth and value?

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    I asked this same question in another similar thread. Have received no answers yet.

    It would be good to have many comments about this, but I suspect the very people who are using those apps successfully are the few who are too busy in their yatchs to have time to surf IM forums anyway.
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      hosted autoresponder?

      aweber is hosted on their own server?

      or you mean a different type of hosting, personal hosting ?
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    Hi Brad,

    I asked a similar question a couple of months ago. PM the guy who mentioned AR. this may be a help.


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    3 more comprehensive threads on hosting autoresponder on your own server/site:


    In summary: ARP3 ( is the undeniably best self-hosted AR script you'll find. whereby no 3rd party hosted solution will ever be as feature-packed and customizable as your own (like ARP3).

    Draw-back: Aweber/Getresponse have better chance of landing your emails in INBOX vs. in Junk folder (as would be with your own solution).

    Eitherway, I still use ARP3. Delivery rate is top notch.

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    If you are meaning a monthly pay autoresponder there is one called
    Norabots which I have used for a while, and which is very good.
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      It would be wonderful if users of Mailloop will offer their 2c.

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    I don't know of any major web-sites that use Aweber or GetResponse or any other "autoresponder."

    The term "autoresponder" was made up by some of the early one-man self-employed operations that later became known as "Internet Marketers."

    The "autoresponder" companies came into existence to service the IM crowd.

    Go look at any major site and find their opt-in forms. They sure aren't hosted by Aweber or GetResponse. All of them are using true enterprise level solutions or in-house developed email management solutions.

    The management teams of those companies have usually never even heard the term "autoresponder."

    Autoresponders are for small time IM self-employed individuals. Online businesses don't use them and have never heard of the term. They use "contact management" software or "email marketing enterprise solutions."
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    I wonder what is the difference in the monthly autoresponders vs the ones that has a one time fee and you own it. This is something I was wondering about earlier today because I try to get more bang for my buck and if they are gonna do the same things then I would rather pay $20 and be done with it.
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      I'm currently testing OpenEMM, the open sourced version of Agnitas E-Marketing Manager.

      OpenEMM is a feature-rich enterprise software for e-mail marketing, newsletters and service mails (transaction mails and event or time triggered mails). OpenEMM offers sophisticated bounce management, link tracking, lots of realtime statistics, a CMS module and a scripting feature to implement individual tasks.
      So far I am impressed with the functionality but my installation is still experimental. I will be happy to report back once things are stable and it is being used in production.

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        I have been using autoresponse plus and I really like it and the deliver-ability seems to be great!

        I am using this until my list get larger, then I can import my contacts into aweber.

        You should check them out.


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    If you are working with "autoresponder" technology, then you are going to have deal with massive deliverability problems. "Autoresponders" are only used by IMers and therefore are red-flagged by every major email service provider. Any email coming from an "autoresponder" is closely scrutinized.

    If you simply can't use a real email management solution for whatever reason (cost... because you want to send IM level "quality" junk mail... or whatver reason), then a monthly service buys not only the tools, but some reasonable efforts to keep on whitelists in return for guaranteeing that at least the email is "opt in" or "confirmed opt in."

    So you might get a 30%-75% deliverability rate with Aweber or GetResponse.

    Try using ARP and if you send the same "quality" of email and sign up for some of the validated sender programs, you may only get a 7%-35% deliverability rate.

    If you are willing to send quality emails of the same quality as real online businesses who avoid the whole IM autoresponder crowds, then you will enjoy deliverability rates of 85%-99%.

    Those are actual test results from an IM style company we purchased and integrated into our online business and therefore converted from autoresponders (ARP & Aweber) to the Enterprise Solutions system along with inhouse solutions for transactional emails.
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    I use something right on my server and it has worked fine. Sometimes I think there is just too much hype over services like Aweber because they have people on forums like this one saying its great and then people with no experience buy it and think it's great too. Well it better be great for the price, but I'd rather just host things myself and avoid the fees.

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      That's my thought as well Mattalways..

      And Advertsmartcom, thanks for the lead i appreciate you participating. I'll get to it after I've recovered from the reinstall I'm about to subject myself too.......

      Hi Doloboy, if the $19. a mo does pay it's way then yeah great but if it isn't that's something I have to put a choke collar on because I really enjoy spending money.

      This is also the time of year I reassess my whole setup...and I've noticed that many, hell all, the big companies I've affiliated for do not use an AR. ?/
      So I'm a lookin.
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    Thanks Rick for the input,...makes sense.
    (even on Monday night.)
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    I stick with Aweber because of they're excellent customer support and great tools for building your lists. Is $19 a month really that much? Just think of all the money you can make from it!
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    I have used ..poMMo.. which you can self host and it works quite well, unfortunately it has not been supported since 2008, and while it works great, no new development. It is an open source project so if someone wants to take it on, that would be great. Main Page - . .. poMMo .. .
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    I used Autoresponse Plus for about three years (until I sold the site) and never had a problem. It worked well and I had no issues with deliver-ability...
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