If You Want To Succeed Do This Now!

by BIG Mike Banned
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    I find myself guilty of this often. Usually, it is when I have so many things
    that need to be done, rather than just doing something and checking it
    off the list, it takes me an hour to figure out which to do first, and I get
    nothing done.

    I actually put a sticky note on the corner of my screen telling me to
    stop procrastinating. You would be absolutely amazed at how much
    you get done if you just do it instead of think about it.

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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      So the moral of this post is stop thinking or talking about doing something and just go do it.

      make it Happen!

      "It is wonderful how much
      may be done if we are always

      -Thomas Jefferson
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      Originally Posted by Jeremy Kelsall View Post

      I actually put a sticky note on the corner of my screen telling me to stop procrastinating.
      I'm going to do that tomorrow

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    Mike- Guilty as charged...

    I did a "time spent analysis" recently to really see where I was spending my time. I looked at the days I got the most done and it was the days where I took breaks and did other "chores" and got back to write an article or outline an idea.

    It's really about taking action...but in a more simple way. Asking the question "where did my time go?" is quite often all that is needed to get me out of a slump.

    Just my experience!


    Brad Spencer
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    I've found the easiest thing to do is re-phrase your thoughts:

    Instead of "Why can't I make this work?"... think... "What can I do to make this easier?"

    Instead of "Why is it so difficult to make money online?" ...think...."What can I do today to increase my online profits?"

    Those questions alone, whether asked out loud or in your own mind, tend to trigger everything in the right direction. You'll get ideas and want to take action and everything just falls into place automatically. Works quite well for me.
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      Hi BIG Mike,

      I read your post and took action.

      I wrote on my today's plan that by today I will contact 3 JV partners.

      In fact, I contacted four.

      It is not easy to plan but the plan makes me more focused.

      It does not distract me from doing all these important tasks! =)

      Like what you say: Just do it!

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        Hey Big Mike,

        Good points! I wrote a blog post the other day discussing a similar thing. Procrastination is a result of coming up with excuses to not do something.

        My thought is that it takes a lot more energy to procrastinate and let things build up than it is to just do something.

        I also believe that starting the project, fixing the sink, etc. is the hardest part. Once you get past applying yourself, its hard to stop working until the project is complete. The solution . . . tell yourself you'll just start working on it. Chances are you'll get more accomplished than you thought you would.

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