"Get something up even if it is wrong" -- I did.

by N4PGW
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I am a nuub, and this is primarily the introduction of myself here.

I spent about 6 months or so haphazardly looking into IM before January of 09. I then spent lots of time researching whatever I could find, buying a program or two unsuccessfully, and then finally deciding: "Get something up, even if it is wrong!" I did, paragonrv. (The domain belongs to my dad who has an interest in RVing and wanted a blog and is sentimental to the domain name.)

I setup WP and found articles to cut and paste into WP to be released at the rate of one per day.

One Sunday in May of '09, Google did not know ParagonRV existed, but by the second Friday after that, it ranked with a PR 7 (according to my google toolbar on Firefox.) Later it dropped to a 5 where it held itself thru August or September '09 (according to the PR link in the bottom right collumn.) In September, someone on the same server, but not on my service, used my domain name to point to their phishing site. Google emailed me with a warning and then my ranking went to 0 where it is today.

I am going to add articles back to the site, for what that may be worth, just to keep it alive, if only for my dad's sake. After that I am going to pick a plan and follow it into building a profitable website. I am just not sure what plan yet.

I am a victim of mental overload. I recently lost my HDD which held tens of GB of material including over 10GB of PLR articles alone. I am basically starting over and setting aside something to buy a program that works. I just don't know what it might be. I have two free programs, one mostly based on google ads and the other affiliate marketing. I don't think that google ads will be the more profitable option and the other program is a few years old and a very little is outdated.

I am not crying! It is probably best that I lost it all and have to start over. I recently unsubscribed to over 100 gurus' mailing lists so I can plan a strategy while I rebuild the articles for ParagonRV. Hopefully, this time I won't spend so much time spinning my wheels as I go from one strategy to another because each one is the "best" at the time I am reading them.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

P.S. "Don't be perfect, be just good enough."
P.P.S. Why does everyone have to have this?
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    Welcome N4PGW!

    Your user id caught my id. You are not a pilot by any chance, are you? In which case double welcome :-)
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      "November 4 Papa Golf Whiskey" does sound like N numbers. I used to own a Cardinal=- 3487Tango which I sold a long time ago.

      There are a few aviators on this forum guys.

      Sorry to hear you are starting over but it seems like I am doing that every week! Everything is changing so quickly.

      Ed Sunderland

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      No, too blind to be a pilot. It is my FCC ham radio license.

      A pilot in texas wanted my domain name because it was the tail number or something and tried hook and crook to get it. Fortunately, eNom, my domain provider did not let him have it. I guess he got another tail number.

      Don't worry, I have many friends who are pilots and don't think poorly of pilots because of that incident.

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        Sorry to hear about your misfortune, but at the same time it will probably just make you stronger. I have had my share of struggles in IM, but everytime I bounce back.

        I now use article marketing almost exclusively to promote my online business, and I am having good results, for the most part. It is true that a webpage, article, video, or whatever does not have to be perfect to make you money, but it is important that you understand the basics before diving straight into something!
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    My bet is ham radio callsigns...working in broadcasting, we used to run audio for hams in the middle of the night on one of our AM's...had a report back from Seattle, WA once (I'm in MS)...that's one heck of a skip. lol

    Welcome, and don't worry...you'll get it going again!
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      Sorry to hear of your misfortune! Just take it one step at a time and you will be back before you know it!
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    You have to learn how to focus. Decide on one program and follow it.

    I think the best thing you could do is hire a mentor. That is the first thing I did and it is worth every penny


    Suck a video? Hate creating them? Let us do it for you. Get a custom video for 1/10th the industry standard price: http://www.angulusmarketing.com/Video.html

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      I want to thank everyone for their encouragement. I hope I don't ever sound like I am whining about the past. It is a part of life, but not the end of it.

      I am not a failure until I give up! I ain't given up! I am getting up and shaking off the dust. Saturday I will be on the starting line with my feet on the blocks when the gun goes off.

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    If you are looking for someone who is honest, straight, and you will make money with, find Kevin Riley on this forum.

    His products are inexpensive and do not carry any 'fluff'.

    More than that, in my opinion, he is a guy you can trust.

    Maybe he is someone you can work with to get your IM business back on track.
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