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Hi Warriors,

I've been knocking around the idea for about a year, and am about to the point where I've seriously decided to try and run a small, boutique style print magazine.

The company that I'm looking at to do this is MagCloud . . . It seems like they handle the printing, fulfillment, etc. and you just upload your files to them.

The main reason I would want to do this is just so that I have another very cheap way to advertise.

What I am thinking is that I would create a really high quality magazine, glossy cover, high quality content, expert interviews, etc. and then advertise my own products, or possibly even affiliate products related to the magazines niche (use a domain to presell and then send the traffic to the offer).

The main benefit I think to me would be that there's no capital outlay - just the time to write and format the magazine, but I think I could get some help from friends and even people on my mailing list with articles and so on...

I'm thinking I would do maybe a bi-monthly or if I had time or enough help a monthly magazine, and just let it go at cost since the buyers cover the expense (shipping, etc.).

So I'm just wondering what other people think about doing something like that.

I could easily find products related to whatever niche I wanted to make the magazine about (I'd probably drill down and make it a super niche zine), and it wouldn't cost much to register some domains to pre-sell or "video skin" the offers or whatever, and I know that people love to get stuff in the mail. Especially stuff related to their hobbies or interests.

For example my father is into guns. Not like a gun nut or anything, but he used to be a machinist, and has always been interested in it. He has subscriptions to about 4 or 5 different magazines that are related to that subject in one way or another (National Rifleman, National Geo, Mother Earth News, Organic Gardening, some reloading mag, and probably a bunch of others). He also spends a huge amount of money on this hobby.

Since there's no cash outlay to start a magazine these days and it can all be automated, and you can produce some nice, slick, glossy magazines and it would be VERY easy to source your own affiliate offers - I'm just curious:

What do you all think about something like that?

Does it sound reasonable? Would it be something that might be a good earner?

Also - has anyone used MagCloud or any similar service before?

I'm steadily trying to get away from digital products and am almost there, but this is something I am really interested in trying out. But before I sink a lot of time, effort or thought into it, I'd like to get some thoughts from Warriors about the general idea and see if there's a piece of the puzzle I'm missing out on or some constraint or possible problem I haven't thought of yet . . . .

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    you say there is no cash outlay for the magazine itself, but what about 1) advertising and promotion? meaning, where are your PAYING subscribers going to come from? How will they find out about the magazine's existence? and 2) content, content, and content.

    If you want to sell your magazine beyond a novelty copy (after all you don't want to ask all your friends and family to buy more than one issue as a favor, do you?)...then your content better be damn good. There is way too much content available for free these days - for it not to be. I bring this up because it sounded worrisome that you were planning on creating a magazine for the basis of affiliate offers. That wouldn't work.

    Yes - magazines make their money by placing ads. But that is money they are guaranteed once they book that ad. Not to mention that big and established magazines are dropping off like flies...

    So my point is...are you going to produce all this high quality content yourself? Issue after issue? And cheap article writers running around on the forums aren't going to cut it for what you have in mind...

    You asked for some thoughts, so now you have mine. Good luck!
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      As far as getting subscribers . . . What I was assuming I would do is just put it into my existing sales funnel.

      This is only a hunch, but I am "hunching" that if you drill down into very tight niches people would probably be interested in a magazine if it were not to expensive.

      Obviously the quality would have to be good. I'd probably try and crank one issue out myself, and then see what happens.

      I know that some of the big guys like Filsaime and Kern are cranking out print newsletters that are pretty expensive. I think Mass control monthly which is a magazine and a dvd is $300 a month.

      Not that I think I'm on par with those guys or could write material related to IM on par with them, but I don't really have any desire to work in the IM niche.

      I also don't want to charge $300 a month.

      I'd just do it at cost.

      Why do you think that running affiliate offers as advertising wouldn't work?

      To be clear, what I'm talking about is placing the ads in my magazine and then setting up my own landing pages for products related to whatever niche I would be publishing about, capturing the lead, and then sending them to the vendors sales page, and if they buy - getting a commission . . . Not putting in straight affiliate url's or anything like that in.

      Of course I'm not trying to really make a living off of running a magazine . . . I'm just thinking of it as some kind of supplementary thing.

      I think I'll give it a try. I'll work on 1 issue and see what happens. If it doesn't work out well, or if nobody buys it - it's a few hours of TV I didn't watch.

      THanks for the input.
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        If you can give away the mag for free and then try and collect leads from it may be a good option.

        Give it away for free and have all the advertisers as affiliate links. Then you will make the money on the back end.

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