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Hello everyone,

I would like to get your thoughts on how to use the keywords line in Ezine Articles (EA).
I currently use several keywords throughout my article and have been putting those in the keywords line. However, after reading something on EA's sites, it sounds like maybe this is not the best way to take advantage of EA.

1. Would it be better to choose keywords that are more likely to be the search term used in the search keywords box. For example, should I instead be using high search keywords rather than putting in these long tail keywords.
Ex. instead of saying "making money online with ebay", put "making money online" or "making money".

2. Would a combination of the two (long tail and high search) work best?

3. Also, does anyone know how EA determines the ranking of each article for a keyword in the search box?.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanking everyone in advance,
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