Fake name and email when signup for a free ebook

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I use a fake name and a email when I signup for a free ebook.
(Of course I have to click the confirm link, so I need to access the email account).
This is because since I don't pay for it.
I don't need to give them my real name.
And then the email account gets too full, I simply discharge of it.
Getting a new too start filling it up.

Do you do the same...?
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    It depends. Sometimes I do and sometimes not. It partly depends if I know and trust the person giving away the free ebook.

    When I do use a fake name it's usually something crazy like Bervendangle Gaboomblecrank. :rolleyes:

    Edit: I should have added that more often then not I use my real name, but use a throw away email address from Yahoo, Gmail, etc. That way I can close the account when the garbage piles too high.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      I have in the past always used my real name and
      email address. Hadn't really thought about fake name.

      If I start getting nothing but spam from them, I alwys
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        Originally Posted by All Night Cafe View Post

        I have in the past always used my real name and
        email address. Hadn't really thought about fake name.

        If I start getting nothing but spam from them, I alwys
        I do this mostly except I have a deliberate opt-in address that is not my personal address. I check it regularly for Copywriting ideas and / or useful products. I agree with the 'spam' thing (although it isn't really spam as I've given permission usually through a Terms Agreement). If the emails become too burdensome or are uninteresting or useless, I'll unsubscribe.



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    I usually use my own name, but I will unsubscribe if I spammed after the ebook.

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    I have an email account set aside for just these things.

    Have a Blessed Day

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    If you are asking whether or not the name I use for an opt-in is the one my parents gave me, then yes, sometimes I do. There are times I want to see what others are up to without tipping my hand, so I use an alias.

    Do I sometimes offer up an email address that is not my primary email address, in spite of obvious instructions? Yes, and often for the same reason.

    The other reason I might do it is logistical, especially among aweber users. I'll opt in for something, then later they will offer me something I also want. For which I have to opt-in again. The problem comes up when the person making the offer uses the same opt-in form for both offers. When I try to sign up for the second offer, I get an error saying I'm already in the database. So out comes the alias and the secondary email address, which normally gets unsubscribed immediately after i get the second offer.

    A lot of folks get upset at people who subscribe, get the freebie, then opt out, dismissing them as freebie hunters or worse. Me, I just want more of what you're offering without costing you extra money and me time dealing with multiple copies of every email sent.

    Sorry if this takes things a little off track and into the long grass, but I wanted to explain why I sometimes use "fake" names and emails...
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      I've started using code names to sort out things. For example, when I sign up for PLR tips, I might write Tina PLR as the name. It just makes it easier for me to remember why I signed up for that particular list...lol.

      Now, I'm using a new email for the lists that I truly want to read every time they email me and I'm slowly changing my details to sort emails better.

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    I have a separate email account I use to opt-in to internet marketing offers. The separation allows me to concentrate on the offers I get from IM'ers instead of just basic spam mails that tend to happen to my regular email. If I really like a newsletter, I will go back and resubscribe on my personal email as well to make sure I read it.
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    Sometimes. If I'm not sure about the person or company I use a gmail account set up specifically for that purpose.

    If I like their emails and they are sending me some decent content then I transfer them to my real account.

    "He elicits the same kind of admiration one would feel for a streaker at Queen Victorias funeral."

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    This depends on the value I put on the marketer.

    If it is someone that I value then they will get the real email, after all I will be developing an online relationship with them, and may well purchase something from them later. At some later stage I may wish to JV with them.

    On the other hand if it is someone I have never heard before, then I am more likely to give them a fake name, until they earn the right to my real one.

    What I fnd annoying is when I receive emails, to my real identity, from someone I know, which purport to be offerring me something, judging by the subject line. Then when I open it, is something from their very good friend so and so, who, most likely, I have'nt heard off before. These, if I want the offer, would most likely get the fake identity.
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    I use my first name only and an email account that I've had for years that is specifically for these types of offers. I never use my primary email addresses just to prevent them from being overrun with Spam.
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    I always use my real name and email.

    Why wouldn't I?

    It's always *me* who signs up for these offers...!


    Not promoting right now

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      This is why I purge my email list on a normal basis. IF I am offering you something for free I'd like you to be on my email follow up for additional updates and information.

      People who subscribe, get the link, and then unsubscribe get banned quickly from most email list.

      Shame to - cause I normally offer people on my list free products and big discounts on any new ones.

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