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Hello everyboddy. I am looking for a great PLR source and would like to ask you, if you can recommend one. Thanks for every answer. KR NG
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    What sort of PLR are you looking for... Articles, Software?

    Float around surefirewealth for PLR ebooks and software...
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      Hi, thnaks for your answer. i am looking for ebooks complete with graphic, website article and followupmails.
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    Maybe this will help you?

    Have a Great Day!
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      hey man, adeel chowdry (number 1 bestseller on clickbank) is releasing a new high end plr membership offering high quality plr.. they are launching today or tommorow PLR Gold Member (non aff link)... hope this helps
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    do a google search for "free plr articles," you will find over 100k plr articles on just the first page
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    Hi Nice Guy,

    Check http://97dollarebooks.com its run by Donna who is a WF member. Its more for custom book packages like you describe rather than the PLR equivalent though.

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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