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Hey Warriors,

I need your opinions for a moment. I am creating an international affiliate gallery with banners, emails, etc. I would like your opinion on what you think SHOULD be the top 10 languages to focus on within this international affiliate activities center. I can then decide what international translator to use and/or products to be recreated. I have a slight increase of international people coming in from Chili, Africa, and Germany but I am not sure if it’s going to stay but I do know they are screwed if they arrive in my member’s area and cannot understand what it says in English. I also have a guy on GarageTV giving me loads of traffic with a video in his own German language and has been losing all this traffic once it gets to my sales page and they cannot interpret what it says. He has now offered to do the product in German for FREE so that is covered.
I know a lot of you do Google Adwords and select different countries so please elaborate if you would on which would be your top 10 languages selected. Please do not trash this thread as this information may be as helpful to you as it is to me.


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