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HI.I'm new here. I do work from home, mostly, I am a nurse, but don't really like the patient part. So,I got a job audtting charts, and I love it. When the downloads start to come slower, which they are, I look for other things to do. So,I've been playing around on Survey scout, and a few otehr websites, and the pay to click, clikck click click, and was wondering, how successful can a person be, with web sites such as Inbox dollars, or sites such as that, that pay you to click on theiremails, or do their surveys? I'm willing to do work,if i have to, online, inorder to besuccessful online. I just found this website tonight.

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    Hi Rhonda
    Inbox dollars will make you about 30 bucks a year if you're just clicking emails.

    Start reading the threads on here. This is a great resourse .
    Learn all about affiliate programs and adsense.

    You can make a lot of money sitting in front of your computer.
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    lol, yeah, I gathered, 8.00 in aobut 2 days. That's why I came here. But, I joined a whole bunch of the click click clicks emails. I'm a newbie. I'll start reading tomorrow here.
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    Hi Rhonda, welcome to the forum. Its great to have a nurse on board to look after us. Why don't you write some articles on medical issues or something of that nature and create a niche for yourself?

    God bless
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      Hi Rhonda,

      Wellcome to the Warrior Forum.

      Well this forum is basically for the Internet Marketers.If You have any queries regarding the IM you can freely post your thread and for sure the warriors will reply and would advice as what they know.

      I just would like to say that you are the right place where people from different walk of life and different part of the world are here whom you might interect with.

      All The Best and ENJOY in the Forum.
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        I tried them they waste time you get bored before you reach the minimum payout, stay around here you will find better place to spend your time and earn better.


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      Originally Posted by norma View Post

      Hi Rhonda, welcome to the forum. Its great to have a nurse on board to look after us. Why don't you write some articles on medical issues or something of that nature and create a niche for yourself?

      God bless
      Nursing? Yeah,I've been a nurse for 13 years. I don't like it. While I love the national politics, I donot appreciate the behind the desk cattiness that always takes place. You cannot be laid back and be a flor nurse. I donot freak out on anything, and that is my mannor. It's not appreciated. But, I do one thing that alot of females donot do: I've played World of warcraft for almost 2 years. I've gone so far as to get nonracial characters exalted in areas where they don't start. I've written down,and kept files on all the rep gained from each quest. I just started doing that, by the way, forgot to do it with my last character. It doesn't make playing World of warcraft very fast, and might slow down leveling. But it works in the end, cause you have your rep. Which is waaaay more important than being level 50 in cities where you should be level 55. I've discovered that it's not always experience that grets you ahead, it's your rep. Thne, you need to add your expereience, cause that is what it obviously takes to level. I seem to focus on that during the entire day sometimes. Studying, and incorporating it, and if I could work it into a daily income, by writing something about it, about my "Rep Theory" I'd do it. I donot know how people like Brian Kopp gets started. I'd like to do something like that. And alot of that, in the end, is IM, so I gues that is why I am here.
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