Starlord, Darran, Passed Away

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Edit: My Apologies. I meant to post this in the off topic forum. Darran was a member of my forum. This was his last post. He was a Warrior on the old forum. A member went to his blog (link below) where his fiance told of his passing. GW

Hi everyone ...

your looking at this thread for one of two reasons ...

you're wondering why I'm postings this ...

or you're wondering why I haven't answered your query in a PM or on one of my threads and have searched for all my posts...

either way round the answer is the same ... I'm going into hospital tomorrow morning and I'm not sure when I'm getting out ... I'll try to answer posts / PM's and email but last time I was in they only had a couple of interent connected computers and both were broken

if you want to know when I get out check out my blog ... for updates ...

AKA Darran

PS any sale stuff I have posted is automatic so no worries there ... or you can wait until I'm out
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    I'm sorry to hear that, George.

    No worries about posting in the Main Forum. It'll serve as a reminder to us all that every day is a gift.
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