Don't Make My Mistake - Keep Your Equipment Maintained

by Guy G.
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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to express a few thoughts about computer equipment. This is not a mac vs. pc kind of thing.

It's more of a warning stemming from personal experience where my personal pc was starting to get a bit bogged down after 4 years of neglect. It was slowing down and I was ignoring some of the little warnings. I'd just patiently restart the computer and keep on working.

Well, I now have a fancy 40GB external hardrive excised from the worn and tired wreck of my laptop. Worst of all though, was not having a comparable back up computer to work on and losing almost two weeks worth of productivity.

So, have your pc or mac serviced annually at minimum. Don't ignore the error messages and keep the lifeline to your business functioning properly.
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    I personally de-dust mine every three months. Plus, I have it were is automates the Anti-Virus, Disk Scan, Defrag HD. In addition, I burn everything of value to a DVD R, that way if something happens I will always have a back up. You could also get that Carbonite for like $55 per year. Works great.
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      I just had the most annoying thing happen.

      I was taking a drink (never have liquids near a computer!) and spilled a tiny bit of water on the keyboard.

      Dried it up and blew it off best I could and kept working. 30 minutes later, the computer is going haywire like I'm being hacked. Turns out it was the keyboard messing it up as if there was a key stuck.

      I ended up taking the back off, after unplugging from tower, and you should have seen the dust. Vacuumed it out and seams to be fine now. all accept the right arrow key. Go figure.



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