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Hi, I can't access the proper category where this post should be that's why I'm posting it here.

Just want to ask how to increase my adsense earning fast. I'm quite new to adsense and just doing some experimentation. I had good earning a few months after setting it up. But eventually my earning went down and don't know what to do. Is it because the traffic to my website also went down? Or is it people don't find my content interesting hence they don't click on ads that much?
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    Maybe it is because you have a problem with rules.
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      Originally Posted by KristiDaniels View Post

      Maybe it is because you have a problem with rules.
      maybee... but I'd say it's the traffic. You can only expect so many people to click ads if you don't have much traffic. There are techniques that can bring your click through rate up, but without that traffic, that's still not very much money.

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    Take a look at your overall CPM. If your hovering around a $1.00, then expect to make $1 for every 1000 visitors, so just to confirm what you are saying, the more visitors you have the higher your earnings. Traffic goes down=earnings go down.

    Get a Million visitors to make a $1000....CPM is just a indication, but this will help you understand what role traffic plays here.
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