What's a Good Opt-in Ratio..??

by mrmcd 5 replies
I want to hear back from fellow Warriors what you would consider a good opt-in ratio.

What is a good opt-in ratio..??
what is exceptionally good...??

Finally, let's share some tips with each other how to increase our opt-in ratio.

I guess the basics are:
Limited availability
Limited time
Instant access
cancel any time
Effective headlines
Attractive opt-in box (maybe...)
Quality product, content

Let's hear some of your tips and what you consider a good ratio?
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    25% is above average. I've had pages as high as 40% which is the highest I've SEEN so far. I've heard claims of 50 and 60 but seen no real evidence yet.
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    It also depends on the method of traffic. I've had pages that had a 20% opt in rate for natural search traffic which only got .07% with PPV traffic. However, the PPV traffic was bringing in signups at about a dollar per opt-in.
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    I think the method of traffic is key. If you do an adswap with someone who has a targeted list of people who are interested in the same topic, i've personally got opt-in rates close to 60%
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    In all seriousness... shoot for 100%. Don't stop tweaking your page
    until you reach that figure. Never get complacent with mediocre
    results. Keep improving until you've reached the highest possible
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    I have 56% on my newest one right now.

    But I have extremely targeted traffic, and really don't have enough to truly know the percent.

    I find the less busy the opt in page, the better.
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