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Alright, quick an easy question guys. I'm sitting here working on articles and wondering, as an amazon associate, and I get paid on those who buy through my referral link, does that mean I need to say as much, like I would if I were to say, sling a clickbank product at someone?

OR is Amazon association different in that way?

It would definitely be a great help to know this.


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    I am not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if your landing page should have as much sales text as you would for a clickbank product?

    My experience is that you don't need that much text to sell Amazon products. This is especially true if you are targeting buyers at the end of the buying cycle who already know what they want to get.

    But you do want some text there. I mean, don't just put up a link and that's it. Not just for sales purposes, but also for the search engines.
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    If someone buys product with your link, u get money ... thats it..
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      Having read one of your posts in another thread, I think I know what you're asking. Maybe.

      Are you talking about FTC guidelines? If you need a disclosure? If that's your question, in my opinion the answer is yes, since you are indeed a "compensated affiliate."

      I have a disclosure on each of my Amazon sites.

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    I am not sure what your question is.

    Affiliate marketing is simply means "selling other people stuff."

    That is it.

    For example, if you sell InstantWorkouts.com, you get 75% commissions.
    It is based on performance. Not for leads.

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    Yes everyone I was talking about the FTC guidelines, and I had an answer earlier last night in a different thread, but thank you so much Alexa for sharing your ideas on how to write out the disclosure. It definitely helps and gives me ideas with which to run with.

    Thanks for all your replies guys!


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