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I've seen it posted on here several times that you should first post your article to Ezine articles, get it published, then post it on your website. Will that get us in trouble for duplicate content or do we need to re-write the article before putting it on our website. And I guess my question is once it's published on Ezine can I post the same article to blogger, squidoo, etc or should I, again, re-write the article?

I'm just a little confused about this concept.
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    Best solution is to re-write your articles before publishing them on your website, hub pages, squidoo, etc....

    However, you can still post duplicated content, but search engines don't really like that and prefer original content.

    You should not get penalized by ezine if you publish the article on your own site or on other media's, but as mentioned, your best option is to re-write your articles to avoid any confusions.
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post


      All you need to know about this is encapsulated in this fine thread.

      It's a long thread but just about the most valuable use of time that any article marketer could find and really worth reading slowly from beginning to end.
      Yes, I agree with Alexa..It is a MUST read thread.
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    Although it's duplicate,I think it's still your own material and made by yourself.So don't worry about that.Find more places as possible as you can to submit your articles for promoting.But if you have time and energy,try to make them more attractive.
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    I recommend you use it on EZA first and later write it before using it on your site just to be on the safer side. The search engine always filter duplicate content.
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      Originally Posted by johnben1444 View Post

      The search engine always filter duplicate content.
      OMG, how false is that!!

      Live, learn, read, don't post false info...


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    Alexa--just wanted to say thanks!! That was a great thread and I apologize for not searching before I posted!
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    Think about it from this standpoint: If having the same article on both your site and an article directory is a problem, then what about when someone publishes your article on their site, giving you a backlink and more traffic? That is something you WANT. Same thing if you publish something on your site that you found on Ezine. This is not a problem.

    The way I understand it, you should only be concerned if you have duplicate pages within your own site.

    Correct me if I'm wrong; I did read the thread Alexa mentioned, but it was a few weeks ago and I haven't checked it since.
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