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I find that setting myself weekly targets of tasks I want to get done allows me to optimize my time. Currently I have 6 blogs, that I hope will slowly build up in traffic and thus turn into sales

My current weekly task list includes the following;

Task 1: Articles - Create 5 Articles

Task 2: Article Submission - Submit All Articles To Ezine

Task 3: New Content - Add 1 Page/Post to Site

Additional Tasks

Task 4: Blog Commenting - Comment On 5 Blogs

Task 5: Hub - Create 1 Hub

Task 6: Non Hosted Blog - Post Article On A Free Blog

Task 7: Pinging - Ping Approved Articles, Blog, Hub

Task 8: Directories - Submit Site To 5 Directories

Task 9: Press Releases - Write and Submit 1 Press release

Task 10: Additional Articles - Submit articles to additional directories

Would you feel that anything is missing within this list or would these tasks bring in a decent amount of traffic (as long as im targeting the right keywords)

Thanks for your comments
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