Ok, its time for me to start teaching!

by Dan Briffa 3 replies
Ok, so i have become succesful at creating ebay businesses. Now after some time and thought i have decided to take the plunge and start teaching others how to do the same.

So i already know quite a bit about internet marketing, as i have been studying it for some time now.

What im having difficulty with is deciding how to layout my new business. So here i am looking for some advice from some of the other forum members, for ideas and suggestions.

Ok, so my rough idea goes something like this. I'm thinking about starting with a cheap front end ebook which outlines my system. Then i could either have say a dvd course mid priced ranged product, with video etc or this video could be uploaded to a website where people would have to login and view the video, and follow the programme in there own time from there. Also a membership service which will be filled with monthly videos etc.

Then for more higher backend i was thinking of mabye some 1 -1 mentoring coaching. Then later mabye so some workshops etc.

So, how would be the best way to lay this out? I was thinking of having say a central domain, with my services/products on that. And each service/product that is clicked on would show another page with the sales page etc within that website.

But also i know alot of people have dedicated websites for each product service.

And also not sure wether i should have my front end product offered on clickbank, to buld up some affilates etc.

And im also thinking that im going to do some kind of launch... so i just need to really tie this all up in the best way possible.

I would love to hear some suggestions from some of the more experienced marketers on here.

Would greatly appreciate that.
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    Have you check out how guys like rich schefren do it?

    He has a course out at the moment which has a mixture of marerials, online phone coaching etc etc..

    Might be useful to see hismodel and which elements you could take of it.

    Best of luck
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      Hi Meanna

      Yes have been checking out other marketers models, hey do you have a link to the rich schefren course you mentioned?

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    Just sent you a PM

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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