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Which name has a better ring to it invest in victory or invest in success?

I have a shot at .coms for either one, but can't decide between them. The product sold would be a monthly membership for a series of informational products designed to help people run more effective home based businesses.
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    Invest in success to me sounds more what you might be marketing around.

    Victory could be anything from winning a bicycle race.

    invest in success might be better for your rankings on search engines

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    Invest in success sounds more like the product you are selling.
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      Tim Ferris would say (if I understand 4 Hour Work Week) test it with a quick PPC campaign.
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    Invest in Success has a great ring to it!
    Anything that rolls off the tongue easy will gain attention and will be more catchy. I like the name.
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      I like Invest In Success better.

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    Hello Jon,

    I really like Invest in Success.com

    Or ... Invest in Your Success.com ... Gives it a very personal touch

    All the Best
    Freedom from Credit Debt for All in USA … Credit cards, medical bills, student loans, etc. .................... Plus your credit scores at the bureau can be raised when your debt relief is completed.

    This is available for individuals with more than 10-K of debt and only by phone to start your debt analysis ... PM Me Your Phone Number and best times to call.
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    Thanks for the input.
    Due to investinsuccess being taken I went with the modified Invest-In-Success not sure what if any difference this will make for better or worse as it relates to rankings and what not.
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