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I've read 6 million eBooks about making money online. Most of them, when describing how to keyword research effectively, tell you to check your competition in Google as part of the research. They say you should always use quotation marks around the words you are researching and this will show you the pages optimized for that very keyword. Well, I've been keeping an eye on one of my promotions and the keyword phrase in quotations is ranked on the third page (and rising fast) of Google while the same phrase without quotations is not even in the first 50 pages on Google. But I've had other campaigns where this wasn't the case (the rankings with and without quotations were similar).

So, the question is: Do you think it's wise to use quotations during keyword research?
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    Yes, it gives you an idea on how many pages are "competing" for the same keyword but it's not exactly that all of them are competing against the keyword. They are just the pages that Google sees to have the keyword exactly hard-coded in their web pages. But how Google how ranks them, nobody knows exactly.

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    The quotation marks do *******NOTHING******** unless it is a phrase! And THEN, they only treat the phrase as a word.

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