So do you tend to insert pictures in your ebooks?

by Hanz
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People love pictures I've heard. Not necessarily just screenshots indicating step by step instruction but also generally animated pictures. I personally enjoy reading ebooks where the author states something like "Ok, now we're going to find a niche so get your thinking cap on...." and underneath there's a cartoon image of a man thinking hard.
I kind of find it appealing to be honest. Not sure if anybody else does.
Do you go for pictures in your ebooks at all?
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    I think it depends on your audience. If it's MMO or IM, you'll tick off some people putting in "fluff" images that inflate the page count. But it would probably be well received by an audience in a niche that's conducive to such things. Now, I do put a lot of screenshots in my ebooks, but they help illustrate the points being made. They're not filler or fluff. I feel like I owe it to my customers to give them useful information and avoid the other stuff. I'm not against injecting some humor, but a funny sentence takes up almost no space compared to an image like a thinking person or cat juggling or whatnot.

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    Yes I absolutely do. People today are very visual. Just look at the popularity of Youtube. Pics help make it real, break up content and keep things interesting.

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      Originally Posted by LilBlackDress View Post

      Yes I absolutely do. People today are very visual. Just look at the popularity of Youtube. Pics help make it real, break up content and keep things interesting.
      I'd have to agree with LilBlackDress' comment. I always use pictures and if applicable screen shots, unless otherwise instructed by the client. My images are always well researched and fit the appropriate section in the eBook well.

      eBook creation is easy - done well it is an art that continues to inform and delight readers for years to come.

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          Absolutely! I wrote an ebook on alternative fuels and not only used pix but videos! I uploaded the videos to You Tube and inserted the links into the ebook. Very easy and makes a great bonus for the ebook.
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    I enjoy images... I tend to find you need to watch your maket and put images that you think will fit your maket...

    Also I like it because it tends to give you reader something to focus on whilst they are reading... Because I know with myself if I am reading seas of text, I can quickly day dream...

    I would just suggest maybe putting images in that are relevant to your niche ..... They can still be cartoons and animations... But being relevant I being a reader enjoy best...

    All the best...
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    Originally Posted by Hanz View Post

    Do you go for pictures in your ebooks at all?
    Depends on the overall tone. The subject could be serious but if the tone isn't, why not.
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      I definitely put in images but usually only 1-2 small ones per page and mainly to break up the content.



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    Hi Hanz,

    It's very timely that you've asked this question.

    I have an ebook that I'm currently proofreading and I was just thinking along the same lines - that is to make some of the pages more eaiser on the eyes, there should be a few more images included.

    So the fact that you've mentioned it here, tells me that I should make those changes.

    Thank you!

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    Quick answer to your question Roger.....

    I tend to do it only if I think it helps with the learning process by helping to explain a concept in a more simple and straightforward way.

    For example if it's an ebook about keyword research then it's essential to include some screen grabs to decrease the required learning curve. Can you imagine putting together an ebook on keyword research without using screen grabs?

    If it's an ebook about anger management then there's probably less of a need to include pictures. Although having not written or purchased an ebook on anger management I may be wrong.

    I think it's also worth considering that too many pictures can be too much of a distraction - a bit like too many fancy graphics on a sales page.

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    adding pictures of charts and proven facts will help you for sure

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    Absolutely, but I would widen "images" (as well as the above) to include the look and feel of the entire eBook i.e. page borders, headers, footers etc, decent cover etc.


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    Hi guys

    ive tried it both with and without images and have found that i get better feedback when i include images. When it has a lot of screenshots in it though liek my internet marketing superclass i tend not to bother as it has enough colour and imagination without it.

    kind regards

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    Yeah i'd advise that you DO put a few pictures every couple of pages, wether it's a thinking man or to illustrate a point or a screenshot but pictures just make the book more appealing generally, just don't those full page pictures, nobody likes those.
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      Ken Evoy was using this tactic effectively ten years ago, and it still works. Done well, and with a little restraint, it adds a touch of humor while adding white space to a page that could otherwise get very dense with text.

      If you look at Evoy's "Make Your Whatever Sell" series, you'll see that he often inserts the images to reinforce a point he's making, not just for the sake of plugging in clip art.
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        I'm adding images from iStockphoto to my ebooks. They are cheap and you can find images for any topic. These are not so much to show facts, more a touch of entertainment and making the text look more interesting.

        Besides that of course screenshots and anything that makes sense to demonstrate the topic is good too.

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