The Million Dollar Question

by N4PGW
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Is there a good system in which someone can really set aside reasonable financial goals to seek if the program is followed for, say 6 months?

I am always hearing "Results are based on how much time you put into it." but I would think that marketers of new systems would have some idea as to what someone could reasonably expect or shoot for.


Is this an unreasonable question?

PS --> Focus on the spirit of the question, not the exact wording.
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    That is not easy question to answer because there are A LOT Of factors that can affect your results.

    1. Your experience
    2. Your knowledge
    3. Timing
    4. How much you put in.
    5. How effective your system is

    That is just a few. but of course, a little bit a luck.

    I know a lot of people who made it in less than 6 months
    while others are still struggling after 6 years.

    Arnel Ricafranca
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    The answer is not a simple as the question.

    People don't want to do the work required to get anywhere. If they did, they wouldn't be where they are. But that doesn't mean people are stupid dimwits either. Launches and re-launches succeed because people want to believe now will be different than past history.

    We let greed, fear, ignorance and hope cloud our better judgment even though we know better. Next time that happens and you get questioned, just say: "I don't know, I don't remember. I must have been drunk that day."

    Knowledge, truth, determination, discipline, passion but most of all, you need want-power. You have to really know what you want - then you will succeed. Your choice of vehicles won't matter if you don't have the right fuel or you keep running out.

    When you decide to go into business, the first thing people should do is FIRE their family. Every CEO in America is either divorced or they are ready to get one should the need arise. That's drastic but it's real. It's just that simple and difficult at the same time and so much easier said than done.

    Here's where it gets tricky. What people say they want is rarely what they truly want. Everone has a god-given right to want whatever they want without blame or ridicule.

    Don't let your local goon squad keep you in dumbed darkness, subjugated, scared, manipulated, vulnerable, scared, broke and poverty stricken, perpetually at each other's throats. In other words, keep you thoroughly divided and hopelessly conquered. BY YOUR OWN DOING. I just HAD to throw that in there!!

    Start by going here and from there you'll finally believe what you already know. :rolleyes:

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    This is the question that has alluded humans for so long. It's not always who works the hardest that gets the reward, even though we're all taught that in school. To be the best you must have knowledge, experience, a great work ethic, and luck just like Arnel stated. However, possessing at least three of the above will get you pretty darn far in this world.
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    Nope, no system, but it's OK man, just keep working hard and asking questions. You'll hit your goal in no time.
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