What do you want to see?

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Dear Members,

Often, article directories tell their members what they are looking for. In most cases, this is valid. Running a successful directory requires your company to have a vest knowledge in driving traffic, SEO, and link building.

However at times, directories need to take a second and listen to the people who play a huge role in driving in the traffic: The Writers

We don't have the biggest or the most popular directory out there (not yet anyway ), however we have accomplished many of our short term goals. We have strong traffic, good PR, and rank really well in search engines. Sorry I am not here to promote our directory, stick with me here.

Most of our success is due our writers, our members. We are constantly seeking feedback and exploring new options and features that will benefit our directory and our members.

My question is, as writer's and as a IMers, what features/options/changes would you like to see within Article Directories. Your suggestions and feedback would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to reading your responses.


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