It's my bday plus first check!

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Soo today is my bday yay, 26 yrs young haha! I started a new marketing plan this year and I am getting my first check from Plimus, for $50, its kind of funny because it took me 8 months to make $100 from amazon - witch i havn't got the check for yet tell next month, and I made this $50 in just a few days!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Lesson I learned? Go for offers with good % commissions and at least $100 and above!

Good luck to everyone in the new year!

Matthew Gannon
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    Congrats man!

    After you start making a little just repeat what you're doing and you'll start making a lot if you have the dedication!

    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday Matt. And congrats on the first check.

    Like so many here, I'll never forget the first sale I made of my very first product. Man, was I stoked. Couldn't wait for the next sale to hit my PayPal account.

    Then I decided to focus on doing it again and again. Nothing like waking up and seeing cold hard cash in your account, while I snored away the night.

    Figure out what you did right then rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

    Ken Leatherman

    The Old Geezer

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    I'm so glad to hear about new people jumping in and making the dough!

    And happy b-day! 26 is a yummy year
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