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So, I want the ability to take a subscriber of list X and put them into list Y when/if they fill out a form. Aweber says I need a custom parsed email ($149) to do this....wouldn't this also be do-able if the form included code to subscribe them to a diff list when they fill it out, then create an automatic rule in aweber? How difficult would that be to code if I don't want to confuse the person by asking them to subscribe to list Y on the front end?
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    Hi Rebecca,

    If I understand you right, you can do this by using the automation function in Aweber.

    For example, I quite often create a landing page opt-in for a product and then a download opt-in for the same product.

    So I need to unsubscribe that person from the leads list and subscribe them to the customer list.

    I do this by creating an automation rule in Aweber.

    Go to aweber > my lists > automation.

    You can then set up an automation rule for how you want to move subscriber from list x to list y.

    Hope this helps,
    Steve Wilkins.
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      Hi Steve, that is exactly what I want to do, but how do I get them to subscribe to "customer" list without requesting them to subscribe? Will this require some difficult coding in the registration form they fill out that would make them go from "lead" to "customer"? I'd really like this to all be a seamless behind the scenes thing.
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    Hi Rebecca,

    It all depends on how you are setting up your webpages. You can actually get your lead to subscribe to your customer list quite easily without giving them a choice.

    In my example, Once they purchased my product I re-directed them to another squeeze page that states they must fill in the opt-in form to receive their product.

    I set this up in such a way that once they enter their information into my customer list form they are then re-directed to the offical download page where they can download their product.

    This is where the automation rule in aweber comes into affect as once they subscribe to that customer list (remember they didn't have a choice if they want to download their product) aweber then automatically unsubscribes them form my lead list and onto my customer list.

    This is a completley free way of going about it using aweber tools. Simply set up a webpage that has only an opt-in form (customer list) for readching the offical download page, that way every lead on your list will then be automatically transferred to your customer list.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks again Steve, you rock!
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