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Hey, I only have 1 site, on Health/Fitness, I want to make a site about money and etc, any suggestions on the topic?
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    Originally Posted by denomardin View Post

    Hey, I only have 1 site, on Health/Fitness, I want to make a site about money and etc, any suggestions on the topic?
    Go with "money", it's a good topic. lol.

    You expect people to do your keyword research for you? If I found a great keyword, I'm using it, not giving it to you, for sure..

    Study this forum, learn about keyword research, become self-sufficient, it will pay you over and over, time well invested... Essential to your internet marketing career.

    So, you want to sell me another way to easily make "X" dollars in "X" days? ROFL too funny! IM success requires hard work and lots of time. Most newbies do not survive the steep learning curve. Anyone who says otherwise is probably selling you a fantasy.

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    No... I am doing researches as well, but I would like people to share their thoughts, but if someone is against it, then do not reply!
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  • Make a site about how to sell your Gold Jewelry. There is definitely demand.
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    There are many niches you can get into. You need to do the niche research though, find low competition keywords for it, test it and then run with it. You don't just pick them randomly and people don't usually share their profitable niches on a forum. They wouldn't be profitable for very long if they did.
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    You want to make a site "about money and etc." Could you be a little more specific about what exactly you want to do?
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    Ok I think I found my topic... maybe like "ways to make money online" so I talk about twitter marketing, article marketing, domain flipping, site flipping and etc, what do you think guys? and do any of you have any suggestions?
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  • Only if you enjoy it

    I talk about Network Marketing, Affiliate, PPC and Internet Marketing as a whole...

    Increasing Conversions
    Keyword Research
    Applying Keywords
    Persuasive titles
    What articles pull the best e.g. How To's, Top Lists, Reviews etc

    Most of it I have on hold until my blog has been designed, but I have months worth of written pieces and collected data.

    Could probably make a few e-books out of it, but if I did they'd be free, my mission isn't too make money on information or my products, but rather from people joining my business, getting personal help and ofcourse buying other peoples affiliate products in the back-end of my system.

    Another long term aim is to make money from Ad spots on my blog. But for now I enjoy just writing about it.
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    I think he is asking for a niche than asking us for a good keyword. home business and money making niche is fine, but there is too much competition there.
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    I chose my niche, it's what I said earlier, now it's time for a good domain
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    nice butt. oh I meant her butt on your site. Another thing is it me or those double border is screaming out?.

    Anyways, I think you should go with what you're good at and things will pick up from there.

    Good luck.
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    Here's my suggestion. Go to google then search the word "money".
    After that, click the link "Show options" then click the link "Wonder wheel".
    Start your research there. Good luck!

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    Free Report on how to profit from blogs. "Blog profits Blueprints"
    A detailed report on how to make money with blogs.
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    Profit from blogs
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    The niche you chose is good! But make sure your domain name has keyword indexed in it so that it would be easy for optimizing your site to the top pages in google. Do some keyword research and of course your niche is really a competitive one. So you need to shed money from your pocket before you can bring monster traffic to your site and make profit.
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